Finished [18th Jan] Second W.A.R. Bookclub


The Artisan
The tenth book has found its way to W.A.R Company by the hands of H.H. Doyle and, as promised, we shall host a book-club for all those interested.
The five books are:
~ Peace and Rain - Unknown author ~
~ Sally the Fluffy Pirate - Unkown author ~
~ The Dwarven Mountains - By Zartox Zarakfar ~
~ The Dark Tomb - By Krummi 'The Bald' ~
~ The Adventures of Jimmy 'Slim Jim' Daniels - By H.H. Doyle ~

The second set of five books of a growing collection! A reason to celebrate by an organized book-reading.
The books will be available for free reading, and the authors have been invited to talk about the books and answer questions.
Anyone may come to read the books. Afterwards you may pick one book to bring home for free.
Plus, you'll have a chance to buy any other book from the W.A.R. collection for a discounted price at the event site.
It's a relaxed setting to read and discuss the topics of the books among ourselves and with the authors.


Date: 18th of January 2019
Time: 22:00 GMT+1 // 4 pm EST
Place: Astrakhan's W.A.R. market stall
Who: Everybody is invited, Kublai'll host

Please let me know if you intend to come, so I can copy enough books :)

Tagging authors:
I am Wake // Tristitiae // Niko



Settling in Altera
Would've loved to attend, but can't. Exam on the 18th mate.

Edit: Accidentally said I didn't want to come. Wouldn't and Would've have very different meanings ;P
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The Artisan
The books have been read, discussed and some of them taken home by the attendants. It was a success :)
Peaceful setting and reading together, I'm liking these. They're more fun than I initially had thought.
Thanks to Electric Edouard2000 and Morbid for coming out to read with us!
The books are now for sale at all Write&Read establishments!

Niko The book was a blast! I smirked when I read the bit about the crickets and the awkward silences. I also really liked the bit of the tree at the window. Very nice writing! (we didn't understand how the horse died though haha) Definitely looking forward to your other works! Keep in touch please, I'd love to host one book of yours at each of these events!
Also, Ced, the discussion about the book was very interesting. With Arthur pointing out several clues hidden in the book as to what kind of man or woman this author may be, pointing out the Ignite influences in the read.
Thanks for supplying this book :) The revenue of the sales will go into new copies for the next book-club event!
Here's just a bit of the discussion about the book: