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Upcoming [25th of November] [6PM EST/12PM GMT+1] *-* An Ode to the Goddess of Beasts *-*


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- An Ode to the Goddess of Beasts -

[!] This poster hangs in all major cities and towns [!]

On the 22nd Day of Stormwind I invite all those interested, who wish to learn about the Huntress, about the Goddess of the Hunt, I will be holding a sermon and teachings to the Great White Wolf. For those interested, I will guide you through the forest south of Astrakhan, taking the path that I had taken long ago when I first became Blessed with Her gift. Those who are already interested in the teachings of the Huntress, I'm also looking for potential students who wished to walk the Path of the Hunt, and who are seeking a mentor to guide them on that path. Until then, may you stay ever wild, my friends. Wisdom guide, and I hope to see you in Astrakhan.

Name: An Ode to the Goddess of Beasts
Date: 25th of November.
Time: 6PM EST/12PM GMT+1.
Event Description: Teachings and sermon held by Rook Corvus, held in the name of the Huntress, and to try to cultivate a student.
Location: Starting in Astrakhan's tavern, which then will be led over towards the location where the teachings and sermon will be held.
Public/Private?: Public.
Rating: Moderate for the teachings and sermon, in case Divine Team wants to add some fun.

Elz BoredBrit blargtheawesome Rygan as the Divine Team.
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