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Upcoming {28th November, 3pm EST} The Coronation of the Aorian Queen

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For years, the Silveiras have governed over the far western deserts, living in the longest period of peace and organized order. In recent times, the kingdom has grown far up the Western borders of the continent, joined by unity and collectiveness. With support from the people and current and future alliances, the Duchess will be crowned Queen and lead the Kingdom into a new era.

«} Coronation of Sugar Silveira {»

All are invited to the Southern Capital City, Linistel, and witness the Coronation of Queen Sugar Silveira I. After the ceremony, there will be an evening to celebrate all cultures from far and wide.

Date & Time - Saturday 28th November, 3pm EST
Location - Linistel Palace, Market Grounds then Plaza
Rating - Moderate.

«} After the Coronation {»

Cultural Celebration
All are invited to share their cultural aspects or way of life, whether it be food, custom ways of life, tales of legends or myths, religion, scholarly, arcane, or more. This day is to bring together the people from local lands to far and wide, in hopes to bind a unification and steadfast understanding of each other. Aorian food, stalls, and dancers will be nearby as entertainment. Extra stalls will be available for any who wish to set up.

Stall 1 - x
Stall 2 - The Cartoon Witch Aorian culture
Stall 3 - Kata Jewelry & Silver Elf culture
Stall 4 - Kamaoe Earthspawn culture
Stall 5 - JustTheEngineer Ignis religion
Stall 6 - Blorbis83 Asrakosian culture and stuff
Stall 7 - Available

Plaza Dance
All are to gather in the central plaza of Linistel, before the great fountain once the sun begins to set for the night and the hanging lanterns are lit along the plaza. This is a public dance where citizens and foreigners alike can partake in freely to their hearts until the main event begins. For those who wish to compete, they must use all of their body to the full extent to dance. Small dances and lack of energy are banned as that is a form of cheating. The last one to remain standing wins.

There will be a
25,000 radiants prize.

Roll Guide
his roll guide is for all who participate. If your character is a strong dancer or has the stamina to keep up (children are included in this modifier), you may get a +1. If your character is a weak dancer or lacks any stamina, you have a -1. Otherwise, just roll a straight d20.
(I'm relying on people to be sensible with modifiers so please only use it if it applies to your character)

All people will roll a straight d20. If you roll below the DC, your character becomes exhausted and requires rest. (Out.)

Stage 1
All participants must roll above a 6 to keep dancing.

Stage 2
All participants must roll above a 10 to keep dancing.

Stage 3
All participants must roll above a 14 to keep dancing.

Stage 4
All participants must roll above an 18 to keep dancing.

Those remaining after Stage 4 will continue to roll above 18 until one person is left standing.

Special thanks to:
There's.. so many people, I will say thank you all. You know who you are.
Jazzper Sophe Catena RagingLunacy The Cartoon Witch Fronslin mokwar it's time
Please poke me if you would like a stall or area to dedicate to set up your culture!
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