Upcoming [2nd of June] [5PM EST/11PM GMT+1] *-* Hunting in the Frozen Tundra *-* [Private Event]


Settling in Altera

- Hunting in the Frozen Tundra -

With a hunting party formed under the guidance of Boetius Forehorn and Rook Corvus together the brave hunters have planned to go after some rather dangerous quarry out in the frozen tundra West of Halbed in the Northern regions of Sangria. On the 2nd day of Lightshine it shall be known whether the hunters shall come back with their quarry- the Northern Wendigo- whom not many dare to hunt often, or whether they'll return licking their wounds with an ally missing. For those involved, may they pray to Theodra for Her guidance in this upcoming hunt, and may they have the same ferocity that the Great White Wolf shows in Her own hunting. For this beast isn't one to be taken lightly. Will their hunt be as they wish it to be? Or will their hunt lead into potential doom for those involved?

Those involved in this hunt
[*] Boetius Forehorn. (TheDuples)
[*] Rook Corvus. (ZeAfroGentleman)
[*] Tylla Goraya. (Blorbis83)
[*] Star. (ToastySpam)
[*] Aryn. (Lannis)
[*] Lothaire Dugald. (Mitch)

Name: Hunting in the Frozen Tundra.
Date: 2nd of June.
Time: 5PM EST/11PM GMT+1.
Event Description: A hunt organized by Boetius Forehorn and Rook Corvus to hunt one of the most dangerous quarry; the Northern Wendigo.
Location: Starting in Halbed, with the tracking/search leading to the West of Halbed.
Public/Private?: Private.
Rating: Violent.

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