Finished [A birthday for an ignite][June 17th]: 5pm est

The Cartoon Witch

Lord of Altera
In honor of a special ignite, Illyrana is hosting a surprise birthday party in the Linistel plaza for Marceau Laflamme. This is invite only. Fancy clothing is not needed. Come in whatever you wish. There will be games, drinks and lots of food! But this is a surprise, so don't tell Marceau.

Invited are allowed to bring a +1 but plus one can be rejected:

Philipe: Rowley

DraKonum: Eren

Mudpaw11: Stella

Galaxy: Garrett

Sophe: Azalea

ToastySpam: Aimie

Juvix_: Quill

Ruu Darling: Sugar

@Elwin: (I don't know his forum name.)

Fronslin: Fronslin

@Valtae: (Don't know her forum name.)

Blorbis83: Tylla

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