Finished A Garden Party {19th August}[Moderate]


Secretly Niah
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An event is to be held in the courtyard of the Valdis Winery, supplying free wine for the evening and good company,
with musicians and dancers and a display of fireworks. The event will begin at dusk, when the sun goes down, and last
until midnight or later for those particularly enthusiastic wine drinkers.
Clothing is to be formal but with no specific dress code. There is also a price of admission, only those with a ticket will
be allowed entry. You can buy one from Helena Valdis directly or sent a letter to the Azarin bank.
Tickets cost the modest fee of two hundred and fifty radiants {250}.

Events of the Night
|| Welcoming those with tickets to the event and finding their way to the main area. (5:30PM EST)
Wine Tasting || Varieties of wines will be available at stalls for free tasting, or optionally bottles available for purchase.
Snack Platters || Pastries by Daniel Cristianos and other various snack foods will be available all evening.
Exotic Dancers || Dancers with elevated stations will be on show to dance throughout most of the evening.
Fireworks || A show of fireworks after a brief speech by Helena Valdis, of thanks to those attending. (6:30PM EST)
Treasure Hunt || Somewhere hidden in the vineyard is a gift of gold, all participants are welcome to join. (7PM EST)
Ticket Winner || One of the tickets sold was a winning ticket, to be exchanged for a prize. This will conclude the evening. (7:30PM EST)

Individuals are encouraged to mingle, speak to one another, and relax.

{The Invited}

-Helena Valdis-

-Samael Azarin-
-Lewis Doggett-
-Karn Clawheart-
-Daniel Cristianos-
-Leighton Altham-
-Raigo Tideborne-
-Katherine McKerras-
-Ardaric Tideborne-
-Jaden Seeker-
-Podric Flanders-
-Jin Elsattir-
-Daeron Eldrin-
-Jaspis Azerwind-
-Uriel Valheart-
-Carling Herennia-
-Roselia Bishop-
-Kopii Grey-
-Leofaren Venna-
-Chives Pefferaux-
-Cassandra Glade-
-Julianne Vhalakis-

-={ OOC }=-

party to be held outside under the night sky, focused on wine tasting, dancing, and generally
enjoying the atmosphere of a party event with the chance of shenanigans if people get rowdy
enough. The tickets are OOC too; I do my Helena stuff with IC/OOC money but hopefully that
isn't extortionate. I'll try get some items to hand out in return.

{This is not a server campaign event. This is an event as a player with my own character.}

DATE || 19th August
TIME || 5:30pm EST.
RATING || Moderate.
LOCATION || Storm's Landing

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Secretly Niah
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Feel free to screenshot payment and post here too, we can roll with a ticket being bought IC, and I'll add to the list. : )


Secretly Niah
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Additionally paying for musicians and dancers, even if you can dual client and just keep a character there I'd appreciate it : )


Sea Dweller
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If you're too poor to afford the 250r fee, it's because you're a penniless bum. If you don't buy in on the action, you'll regret it because I'm going to see to it personally we have some kind of embarrassing scene to write home about by the end of the evening. Be there or be square.


Secretly Niah
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Updated with events of the night, sorta. Looking for 2 more folk who wouldn't mind dual client'ing maybe for me to have people standing in as dancers. PM me. : )


Secretly Niah
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One dancer got, looking for another! Musicians will have to be like armor stands or something but that's fine. This is on monday!


Secretly Niah
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Tickets will not be available tomorrow (On the day) at their regular price, but can be bought at the door for 500r. Best to get tickets prior. : )
(this is squid's idea you can beat him up not me. Squidziod )


Secretly Niah
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Wish I got some nice screenshots but I forgooot. : ( But thankyou so much to all who came! Big turnout and lots still RPing about the server now too. V nice.