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A Note on Spontaneity and Player Initiative


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Hello, this post is ignorable if you're fine with the pace of things.

I wanted to note that this campaign, with the way I generally tend to do things, is very open to players taking the initiative on something and picking up the clues given to them and running. Even if you're running in the wrong direction, I'll make it work. But I just wanted to note that if you have an idea or an event for the further research or progress on the Augury plot lines, then feel free to discuss or do them. I will still dole things out, but if the pace is inadequate then bare in mind I will make interactions at Augury-focused events, or spontaneous happenings. And that if I cannot make them, I will schedule them.


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This is honestly a really fun major event so far and I am hoping for some juicy horror stuff in the near future. Thank you and Bart and everyone who is making this event possible!