A Statement from Lore


Staff member
Hey guys,

I'm not always happy about refusing someone their progress and pursuits in roleplay, it doesn't bring much joy. I'm not the only one who works on Lore, either. I'll try to work with folks, fit things in place, make sure people enjoy their time here. But if someone refuses to compromise or understand the server changes in lore, absolutely, then I have little choice in allowing a player continue in this manner.

I'm not old lore keepers or server owners. I'd like folks to approach that with a grain of salt as they consider their old lore worked into new lore. Please follow the rules and lore guidelines as this place is not just a sandbox for yourselves, but for the players around you, too.

We'll do our best to make this an enjoyable thematic roleplay server. We just need your cooperation to understand our rules and such, especially if you're an older player with ideas of the old times. Without needing to make this vague as it is- dUMMY does not return arisen as an undead. He was offered to come back as an un-playable undead, but we came to a disagreement on how the character was to progress. With defiance to continue despite months of talking, we've had to approach Dumni with a ban.

I am sorry this has had to be said and written and hope folks understand what we're trying to do moving forward.