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General Information:
Lilinoe [ Lee-lee-Noy ]
Other Names:
[ Lilo ( Most people ) | Makani ( Groundlings ) | Pretty girl ( some people ) ]
16 years old - Matured, A Young Lass.
She doesn't entirely understand this.
Current Residence:
Vein'atuus, for the moment Storms Landing
Relationship Status:
Daydreams for that day
Social Status:
The Flower Makani

Physical Appearance:
14’11 Inches
Shoulder length:
12,2 Inches
100 lbs
Eye Color:
Teal blue
Skin Color:
Beak colour:
Shape of Face:
Normal LeiMakani, beak growing downwards: Peacock-ish
Distinguishing Features:
She is a bird person, for one.
Build of Body:
Your typical slender female
Feather colour:
Mainly a colourful hue of blues on the body, the wings and tail contrast into greens and a hint of yellow [ x ]
Feather style:
Akin to a peacock, wings are swan-like
Holds herself tall and proud, mainly to show off her bright colourful feathers and clothing
Is Seen By Others As:
The sweet Makani
None, takes great care in looking after herself
She is soft spoken, although to other races she would seem obnoxiously loud; Makani would still be able to hear her, however unlike most with strong and confident voices, Lilinoe is one of the few with a carefully spoken tone. Due to the Yakai language, it is somewhat feathered with an Hawaiian air
Reference: Nani from Lilo and Stitch c: [ x ]

space 2.png
Clothes and bright colours
Songs, Lullabies
preferable mangos

The constant raining
The harm and violence
Breaking tradition,
even if it's a must.
Keen eyesight
Careful speech
Fragile bones
Poor hearing and scent
Control of voice volume

Loud, though this is due to having lack of hearing and is generally an acceptable tone to her.
Crippling fear
She is somewhat naive
An eye for beauty

She is easily distracted by beautiful quality, trinkets and plants
Unknown lands
The loss of her clan
The Ocean
Ayyei ( Gryphons )

Although they are considered to be her people’s guardians, they are something not to be reckoned with.
She couldn't possibly live without her people
Religion, Manna and the Three Sisters
Her people
Pure innocence
Learned, in the way of her people.
Her education has extended beyond her beliefs, where she has become amiable amonst a few Groundlings.
Her native tongue is Yakai
She can understand most gesturing/signing without a translator

However it might not go the same way on the other person's part.
Fluent in Kayamon ( Common ), she is excellent with communication.
Includes reading and writing.
General Attitude:
Very meek, extremely amiable
Religious Inclination:
The Will of Manna and the Three Sisters
She's heard of the Patheon, Shalherana the most remembered.
General Intelligence:
She has her moments.
General Sociability:
Lilinoe tends to be extremely amiable towards all races, however she's more comfortable towards her own kin where as Groundlings are still seen as dangerous tricking demons.
Neutral Good
X - Failed
/ - In Progress
+ - Accomplished
~ - Abandoned

Short Term Goals:
{+} Find surviving Makani
{+} Find a new home
{+} Get Eiyahli's lute fixed
{/} Find another profession that helps the Makani people
Long Term Goals:
{/} Look after little sister
{/} Stay close by her people, especially her clan
{/} Help and see the moon fixed
{/} Learn! ( Asirel Luik Cukie1 )

A glass blown blue vase [ x ] ( Niko )
A basket
Few Sanardu pots
Sanardu flower basket
A bunch of Jewelry
Paper and charcoal pencils ( Ayda )
A type of guide book for common study ( @see above )
White and blue sarong dress
Leather bangles
Armbands and ankle bands with colourful beads
A very pretty bracelet [ x ] ( Asirel Luik )
Few coins,
she has found a way to turn them into decorations in her Roost. ( Wandering Ranger )
A mildly expensive steel flower ( Cymic_ )
Pink leather bracelet ( ShaolinPunk )
Moon necklace [ x ] ( Electric )
Pets/Animals: -
Owned Homes:

Two roosts in Vein'atuus; shared with her Sister
Carried Inventory:
Fruits, mainly mangos and a basket of flowers, she carries nothing that could potentially harm.
General Inventory:
See above
General Wealth:
Groundlings tend to give her random things? I wouldn't call it a type of wealth though.

Her head feather was plucked from her head, ow
Right broken wing. [ Healing ]
Sleeping Habits:
We got nightmares aww yis. Being easily frightened, it's hard for her to fall back to sleep
Energy Levels:
Average for a Makani
Eating Habits:
Exercise Habits:
Fairly decent
Unhealthy Habits:
She pulls on her feathers out of habit of stress ( but doesn’t pull them out, just tug )
Drinking Habits:
She is good girl. Shoo.

Peaceful or violent:
Entirely peaceful
Her talons and claws, Her wings can be a problem if you’re standing in the way of sudden expansion.
Combat Training:
She does not fight. She is not physically able to either.
Training & Skills:
Music, Performing [10/10]
Amiable [ 8/10 ] She still carries a faint air of racism

Gardening [ 9/10 ]
Defence [ 2/10]
Drawing [ 3 / 10 ]

Writing [ 7 / 10 ]
Other Trivia:
Performer; Dancing
Favorite Types of Food:
Prefers mangos and barely cooked squirrel meat
Sugar cane
Pumpkin Pie! [ Asirel Luik ]
Favorite Types of Drink:
Goat milk
Singing, telling stories
Favorite Colors:
The Sky loves to change colours
Relevant Family Members: Eiyahli
Romantic Interests: Hm?
Trusted Companions: Her Clan, The YaVei
Friendly With: Other Makani
Loose Acquaintances: People that she meets

Disfavored Individuals: Humans and Groundlings
Hated: See above.
Wary Of: All Groundlings
Niah The top notch Makani lore!
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Click the [x] for musical relation.
+ Maya +
✤ Eiyahli mokwar [ x ]
Born in the same nest, her sister by blood. Yet she is young and fragile, Lilinoe has the first responsibility to raise and protect Eiyahli. Like all family, the young Lei cherishes this little one and worries constantly for her safety.. And whether she is good role model.
+ Ahnadi +
✤ Lilinoe has yet to find love. [ x ]
+ Natuus +
✤ The Lei Clan
Her clan, her family. She is glad to see many have survived the Great Disaster..
✤ The YaVei
Strong, warriors; they protect and provide food for the Makani people.
✤ Kekoa Michcat
Kindly, and brave. Although she's always about travelling the lands, Lilinoe can't help but miss her presense often. Safety. Missed..
✤ Aihida Catena
She comforted the Lei when she was in great pain, the young Lei looks to this YaVei as a mother-figure.
✤ Lekali ShaolinPunk
Kinsman that has experience with the Kayamon language. Brotherly.
✤ Sova RagingLunacy
Another YaVei, the clan seems to grow more and more with warriors and hunters alike. A good thing, Manna seems to want his children to be protected.
✤ Ayda Ayda
Has found a sense of friendship around this Groundling and has put aside all her fears. She knows she is safe around this one.
+ Ahmabi +
✤ Evani Spooksy_
Seems like a bright and intelligent kinsman, Lilinoe enjoys the welcoming presence she gives off. Her feathers are a beautiful contrast to herself aswell.
✤ Tevis Warwolf
A Makani from the YaVei clan. Friendly, feels apologetic for her sister's request but it is not like she will ever show it.
✤ Talu Glados
Like Kekoa, he speaks his mind freely.
✤ Reivos Niko
A Po- He is.. A tad bit different from his clan, not that that's a bad thing. Lilinoe enjoys his presense.
✤ Tei Narvendel
They seem to miss each other a lot, Lilinoe is grateful they are at least a little more acquainted.
✤ Reyi Raykaystar
A fletchling! And so well behaved, the Lei is glad that she's in safe hands before anything else got to her.
+ Maka +
✤ Lualatis Vincentius
Another kinsman, more and more are showing up and the amount of joy that fills the Lei is indescribable. He speaks with pure pride and confidence, as you would expect in a Makani, especially the Lei. Sorrow..
✤ Maui Rygan
Unsure, the two have not spoken much other than when the YaVei bring up a dilemma to their people.
✤ Manya Sizzix
YaVei, a new arrival. More and more just keep coming!
✤ Noe Ruukasu Lawliet
Glad to see she is okay.
✤ Kol Bobert
The olderest of the young, Lilinoe hopes to get to know this one more. The little ones must be protected.
✤ Malo BoredBrit
Younger than Eiyahli, the same with all the fletchlings in the Roost.
✤ Parvani Legendary Fiction
A Po, though of little acquaintance the young Lei finds her kindly.
✤ Vassi Colonelgames
He is a little odd, perhaps a bit mischievous? Yet seems to have humor.
✤ Aia Charybdis
A fellow Lei, concern grows deeply for this one; despite their limited interaction. Kekoa seems motherly towards her.
✤ Kapuko Spirit
Another Lei! He seems a bit awkward.. and distant, Lilinoe worries it's another Noe.
✤ Asero Electric
IT'S REALLY HAIRY! But it's helping Lilinoe c:
+ Soyah +
✤ All the groundlings!
✤ "Deedee" bettemus99

Wary, though Kekoa speaks to it as if it could be useful in something.
✤ "Ayter" Magiik
It gave her a bundle of sugar cane, the Lei identifies it as the sugar cane Groundling. Peaceful?
✤ "Klynn" Petrichavi
Instrument fixer! It made Eiyahli's lute look brand new. Curious, but Groundling.
✤ "Nyreth" Lady Alec
Flower Groundling! Lilinoe has taken a liking towards this one in particular due to her fine clothing and flowers.
✤ "Jo" Wandering Ranger
" Coyen " Groundling, seems.. awkward, gave coins as gifts for performance?
✤ "Kuupee" Omikuji
Kuupee! The " Tee " demon. Why is it blue though? Is this a new sort of race among the groundlings?
✤ "Neeko" Niko
Pretty vase making demon, Lelaki traded his fine cloth for it's beautiful work piece.
✤ "Ayva" Joseph12Q
Niko's mate, gave a few pots and flower pots to Lilinoe that Malo tried to steal in exchange for a flower. Yey more flowers!
✤ "Joyseeleen" Sophe
Pregnant! Not sure if that is a good thing as more of these Groundlings continue to spawn, but new life is considered of great importance to the Makani.
✤ "Ackton" Lavilethorn
The dark ones mate, Lilinoe has to give this one a flower next time she sees it.
✤ "Ride her" Azur
Her poor hearing, she didn't mean to make a joke about riding bigger females, whatever that means.
✤ "Treeg" godfather1
Tree.. g? Trreeeeg. Somewhat a mouthful for her beak, Tree sounds better.
✤ The Greyling "It" Jak
It's.. a talking Lizard.
✤ Fulgrim "It" @?
No trust, it made Ada mad.
✤ "Reenka" TyoungBD
.. It's, friendly?
✤ "A-nai-ah" Cukie1
Ada's.. sister? Family? She is apart of the metal leaves, could teach healing.. Would Kekoa approve?
✤ "Cher'coh" The Tottot
...! But.. Bads! It's not attacking..? Lilinoe will keep her distance, just in case.
✤ "Al-bi-on" Paint
"Aye! Albi!" The Lei assumes this is a type of way to say yes. These metal leaves need more colour, especially this one.
✤ "Koluk" Sir Saltington
✤ "Teeo" Blorbis83
It gave her fruit, and Lelaki oil. Shiny beaks ftw! The sponge thing and oil was a little disgusting.
✤ "Goat-demon" RagingLunacy
It is a goat, and a demon, but it made a squee noise?
✤ Trystan Elz
This one scared and upset the Lei, Lilinoe wasn't too pleased. But.. It mentioned her flowers, it didn't take much to make her happy.
✤ Citrine Samiwashere
..Leader, amiable? Questions if it really tells the truth.
✤ Diamond mokwar
Mother of leader, amiable and a bit silly.
✤ Forrest LeftwardElk
.. Bit quiet.
✤ Cymic Cymic_
No forgive! But Lilinoe doesn't hold grudges. ...Others might though. Gave her a pretty.
✤ Reynard TheDeester
It.. It got her feather back..
✤ Ember HogoShi_Kitsune
..It's very quiet, but seems nice.
✤ Fronslin Fronslin
Another Groundling that seems to be oblivious to the Great Disaster, stared a.. bit too much at the Lei.
✤ Jonii Sammus Flowster12345
A goat-demon, it's going to teach her things! Lilinoe can't wait.
✤ Dum'ni dUMMY
..It's, why is there a gloomy shadow thing behind it? 2spookie 4 Lilo. Lilinoe can't help but feel a little intrigued however.
✤ Thordil Jazzper
It's another mini man! And he makes pretty jewels? Will he teach Lelaki..? Found out in the next season in Total Drama Makani.
+ Daiyama'Tuus +
✤ ...?
+ Avahwei +
✤ Groundlings
They are more of a scary bedtime story that came to reality.
+ Rahkay'Veinan +
✤ ...?
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These lyrics are not written on paper as Makani don't write. These songs are purely on memory.
Please do not claim these as your own.

Eiyahli's Lullaby

Made by myself

Now the hour has come at last
With His soft and fading light

A new moon arises
And my dear it’s time to fly

Your tired eyes grow ever worn
So listen to this berceuse song

The fear you hold no longer lives
These arms your eternal home

A lovely night for you my dear
Your dreams awaits in the moonlight fields

Go through the softest shades of dusk
That are your starlight melodies

May your journey be sweet in the land of sleep
With this sound of lully lullay

Now my weary little love, I bid you goodnight
As your mind drifts on the way

May Manna shed a ray of light
As I won’t be far behind
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The peace growing up in Vata’inu was almost precious, life giving and harmonious. Every wisp of wind, cloud and star, morning and night of Manna’s heavenly blessed sky never ceased to amaze in a constant moving beautiful painting. High in the clouds, away from the dreaded lands of the Groundlings and oceans; The Life of a Makani, was untouchable. And had been that way for as long as Vata’inu had floated among the protection of His lazy skies.

All Makani loved the mention of gatherings and festivals. For this female, the Lei would not want anything more than to repeat, sing and share the many stories of which she has heard and seen from the Elders and The A’Keiyah. Lilinoe always put her devoting heart and dare she say, soul, into her stories, her performances and her learning. She thought the amount of quality and devotion put into what you love can make the most biggest of mistakes and failure, seem but like a gain of sand.

From the beginning, Lilinoe was always surrounded by affection and children her age. The clan raised her entirely, as her family unit was generally overwhelming, thus binding a closeness to nearly everyone in clan. She had an abundance of brothers and sister so finding a playmate was never a difficult task to do. As she grew, Lilinoe began to shadow her elders, learning the ways of perfecting different arts and the affection she and other fletchlings were dosed in began to rub off on them, the growing Makani taking part in taking care of the younger offspring. One fletchling the Lei was particularly close to was little Eiyahli, the youngin having a great impact on Lilinoe that she personally took her under her wing by the time she had turned sixteen.

As this was only a short while ago, the Lei stood on the edge of cliff where she would usually go to relax and contemplate. She was content with what she had, she did her best to participate on the island, to raise Eiyahli well, to good by Manna’s name.. Until a sudden and unexpected shift happened in the air, the gravity and wind similar to.. Falling. With a panic, Lilinoe quickly set off to find Eiyahli and the others. Just as baffled, for the first time in her life the young Lei felt fear.. Her elders, told everyone to evacuate to somewhere safer and more stable- But by then their precious island was already falling. She did as she was told, in hops to find her younger sister along the way..

.. Silence. There was nothing by the eerie sound of it.. But slowly, a sound of liquid quivered to her hearing and soon after a muffled ring of long and short shouts. Now particular rhythm of speech of used as it was all tone pitch, it was safe to assume there was screaming.. The young Lei, though in pain, slowly rose to her talons and glanced around in devestation as she saw.. Ocean. Everywhere. Islands crashing, her people drowning.. What did we do..? Was Manna angry with us? Where are the The A’keiyah? .. In a panic, she set off to find the remaining of her clan.

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I've edited her voice to a more younger one and edited the relations a wee bit- lemme know if you want a redo or addition.
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