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One of the key concepts behind this additional system is a way for mages to work together. This is Gestalt. It's a technique more than a spell, but will enable more powerful spells to be cast, either because they are cross-discipline or because there would be more than one person doing the heavy lifting. The basic concept is that the mages twine their Essentia together in order to work towards a common goal. This requires a relatively strong sense of self with respect to their Essentia, or the mage runs the risk of losing their capacity for magic, if not their life if they attempt to do this too soon in their training. Typically only their teacher will gestalt with an Apprentice level mage, for several reasons. The first is that the teacher is more familiar with their student’s Essentia than any other mage, and is the best equipped to help them maintain coherence. The second is that the teacher is at the Adept level, which gives them inherently more sense of their own Essentia as well as that of others.

Currently, the forms of Gestalt explored is around the aspect of imparting part of ones’ discipline via Essentia to spark another and the anticipation of Arcane Revivals which spans over all four schools of magic.


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Dual Discipline

When a mage who has achieved proficiency in one discipline there is possibility of learning another path. The second alignment is in a different thread than the original. It should be noted that only mages who have completed all of their current training can pursue a further discipline. In other words, a mage cannot be a student of two disciplines at the same time.

In the same way that an athlete uses their existing strength when learning a new sport, so does a mage learning a second discipline use their existing strength in Essentia, which means they do not gain a second spell point pool. But much like the athlete must still develop their new skill, the DC for the second discipline would be that of its level. Ie- One is an Adept Cogimens and becomes an Apprentice in Formistry. Their Formist spells must pass the Apprentice level DC. They do have at least one advantage over freshly Sparked Apprentices, which is that they have already become accustomed to using their Essentia, even if this is a bit different from their first discipline. To emphasize this, the time requirement for advancement is not applicable to mages pursuing a second discipline. They must still practice, and so the spell count requirement stays in place.

Using two disciplines at once, while not impossible, is just about the most difficult thing a mage could do with magic. It requires them to be able to maintain dual alignments at once with their Essentia, where they would switch back and forth discretely for typical spellwork. It is due to this difficulty that mages would generally gestalt with another in order to cast spells that require multiple disciplines, instead of trying to do it all by themselves. Furthermore, because of the difficulty, it is impossible for any mage to be proficient in more than two schools over Adept level. This means that one could only reach up to the Adept level on their second school, while the first can reach up to Master.

One Discipline

You have the ability- based on progress, legitimacy of roleplay and overview of Magi to advance unimpeded in a single school. There is no guarantee of advancement if it is not deemed possible.

Dual Discipline

Gain the ability to practice two schools of magic in exchange for limited growth. In order to study a second discipline, your parent discipline must be at least Adept. Attuning to a second discipline is inherently difficult to maintain, and impedes practice of the highest level of magic. (A dual-caster can't be the magus of a discipline, and Master rank takes penalties in spell DCs and maximum spell pool. If relevant, there is a possibility that a Magnus Opus or high-level perks from the school are balanced to a proper level.) Additional restrictions are applied based on the OOC Magi’s purview. In other words, a mage can't be an active researcher of two disciplines at the same time, unless stated otherwise by the OOC Magi of one of the schools. The maximum rank available in a dual discipline is Master, with the second school able to reach Adept. Your spell pool is limited to 150 for Master rank. Spell DCs are separate for each school, and follow the relevant DC for a caster of that level. Master and Magus spells are rolled with disadvantage (roll twice and use the lower result).

Rank | Discipline One / Discipline Two Casting DCs | Spell Pool

Magi - Cannot pursue a second school without losing their Magus status
Master / Adept | Master DC with Disadvantage / Adept DC | SP - 150 max
Adept / Adept | Adept lvl DCs | SP - 125 max
Adept / Journeyman | Adept DC / Journeyman DC | SP - 125 max
Adept / Apprentice | Adept DC / Apprentice DC | SP - 125 max

Dual Discipline students may retain both School affinities or knacks if applicable.

If the mage reattains master rank in one school: Your spell point total does not increase past 150. You cast spells at the highest rank you know at disadvantage. A mage who has cast magus level spells casts master and below rank spells without disadvantage. A mage whose highest known spell is master can only cast adept and below rank spells without disadvantage.

What if we want magus level rank? Impossible. Split between two disciplines, you cannot in-character attain the highest levels of specialization in a school.

Credits: blargtheawesome and Solus for collab
Lannis for review along with Immerael and Omikuji
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Additional Clarification & Reminders

A player may pursue Arcane or Divine paths with more than one character at a time. This is no guarantee on either, but gives one more freedom of not being restricted by ooc means for their character goals. If a player wants to learn more than one school, dual discipline is possible. This is so that magic can spread easier, rather than cluster between a select few.

A player can be sparked via an Adept+ level caster, or through the approval of the Magi via arcane means in which they have a near death experience. Once sparked, one has 2-3 weeks to begin advancing in order not to be washed out.

Players are required to keep up with maintaining their visible profiles and be active or be subject to being Washed-Out upon routine removal after 3 months of inactivity.

The progress of learning and advancing is to the discretion of the teacher and the Magi involved with the discipline and not based entirely on OOC time.
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+Dual Discipline Restrictions have been adjusted. The changes are due to favoring more towards single focused schools, while dual schools are additional perks with some limitations, making things even and ironing out the balance between overall magic in school and students.

+The restriction of one arcane and one divine character is lifted so that roleplay is more flexibile and not restricted by ooc means. We have come to a point of ease in adjusting magic without dire overhauls. This is no guarantee you as a player will have more than one character with magic in either area.