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B A S I C I N F O:
Character's given name: Aihida (Eye-Hee-Dah)
Character’s nickname: Aia (Mother and Father)
Reason for nickname: A shortened version of her given name.
Race: Makani
Gender: Female
Age: In her late twenties.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Current residence: Vein'atuus. Demon's Roost.
Relationship status: Single.
Clan: YaVeiMakani

P H Y S I O L O G Y:
Build: Aihida stands at a fair 5'8". She's rather bulky compared to other subcultures of Makani, weighing in at 130lb (58kg).
Feathers: She's comparable to a Secretary Bird. Aihida's body is covered is smooth, white feathers, while the area around her beak and eyes is a bright orange. She has few but distinct black feathers that protrude from the back of its head, along with black tail feathers.
Eyes: Her iris' are a deep brown and her pupils are surrounded by a thin ring of gold.
Identifying Marks: She has large, delicate wings that span 15.2 feet across her back.
Clothing: Her outfit is little more than a large white cloth draped over her shoulders that is neatly tucked into a brown kilt. They comfortably suit her wings, and give her room to move as if she were wearing nothing at all. A brown belt is strapped around her waist. A dyed band is wrapped around her arm.
Weaponry: Her belt carries a simple black bolas. She had previously owned a spear, though it now floats somewhere in the sea.

Bolas [ x x x x x x X x x x ]
- She had previously used her bola to entrap animals, though using it on people is an entirely different story. She has above par aim.
Spear [ x x x X x x x x x x ]
- She had previously made a choice not to fight, and so she is not as skilled with the spear as one would hope. She is rusty from when she was younger and without a daughter, but she still remembers how to wield it.
Miscellaneous Possessions:
+ Her mind.
+ Bolas.
+ Her dyed armband.
+ A lantern, the inside coated in melted candle wax.
Hygiene: She preens and keeps herself presentable whenever she is able.
T R A I T S O F V O I C E [ Lady Crane ]
Accent (if any): She has an accent native to Yakai. It would be comparable to Hawaiian.
Languages spoken:

+ Yakai (Fluent).
+ Common (Extremely broken)
Volume of voice: Loud. Her hearing is terrible, and so she finds it difficult to speak at a low volume.
Q U A L I T I E S A N D F L A W S:

She trusts the word of Manna over all else. She places all faith in the song of Manna and the Three Sisters.
+ Protective
..Of her kin. She feels a strong bond with her fellow (YaVei) Makani, and will do most anything to protect them.
+ Honest
She finds that it is braver to face the bitter truth than to hide behind thoughtful lies. Sometimes, though, she's a bit too blunt.
Her curiousity often overpowers her dislike for certain things. While she won't actively seek out conversation with Groundlings, if they have the answers she desires, she will demand them to tell her.
+ Difficulty Hearing

Aihida has hearing akin to other Makani. She finds it difficult to use an indoor voice along with hearing whispers.
+ Bad Sense of Smell
Another trait common to her kind.
+ Biased
She has grown a deep resentment for the Po' and for the Groundlings. She thinks them little more than the dirt she walks on.
+ Broken Wings
The birth of her daughter had not been kind. While her broken wings have somewhat healed, they will never quite be the same.
+ Children
While she has an angry disposition, she finds a soft spot in her heart for children.
+ Death

Aihida is not prepared to die. She did not grow up with the intent to ever see battle, let alone be in the thick of it. She will avoid fights at all cost.
+ Manna
While she believes in Manna and the Three Sisters wholeheartedly, she also fears their power. It is a part of what keeps her belief alive.
+ For her daughter
While she has lost most hope in reuniting with her little one, her faith in her last prayer to Manna keeps her hope alive, and with it, her fear.
Intelligence: She's keen on keeping a clever mind.
Occupation: Animal breeder and trainer, though she is more skilled in the latter.

E T H I C S A N D M O T I V A T I O N S:
Personality: The disaster has hardened her. While she had previously had a more positive outlook on life, the loss of her trade and her daughter has angered her.
Religion or Cults: Strictly follows the rule of Manna and the Three Sisters.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Short Term Goals:.

+Regain a source of income.
+Reunite with others of her kind.
+ Learn the groundling's boorish language.
Long Term Goals:
+Rebuild all she had lost.
+Find her daughter...?
T R I V I A:
Place: Vata'inu
Pastime: She found comfort in the company of her domesticated animals.
Food: Sweet fruits, such as watermelon.
Drink: Goat milk.
Color: Orange.
Animal: Deer.

Least Favorite...
Place: The Ground.
Pastime: Drinking.
Food: Onions.
Drink: Alcohol.
Color: Green.
Animal: Birds. She dislikes the comparison.

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Lord of Altera

i'm stealing this 5 word thing from Michcat aha!
+ Kalea

Daughter. Deeply loved. Greatly missed.

Kekoa Michcat
YaVei. Respectable. Giver of hope.

+ Lilinoe Ruulu

Lei. Daughter-like. Finally understands.
+ Tevis Warwolf
YaVei. Rescuer.
+ Evani Spooksy_
Lei. The other rescuer.
Veinan (Groundlings)
+ Guinevere Charybdis

Mind tricks. Clumsy. Kayamon teacher.
+ Kopii Omikuji
Tee. Blue. Knife-eared.
+ Po

Tolerable, but distasteful.
+ Groundlings (Generally)

Filth. Destroys whatever they touch.

The tremors came without warning. They had started two days back, knocking over furniture and terrifying the animals. Aihida had abandoned her cattle - her income - in order to bring herself and her daughter to a safer place. The quakes had only gotten worse from there, and the mother had been called to duty on multiple occasions to scout the area. She found nothing but fallen debris and nervous kin, and had reported just that to all except her daughter. Her little ray of sunlight.

Aihida watched her daughter run in playful circles around the communal living area of their new roost. She was afraid, but she could not let her daughter know. It gave the mother the smallest bit of satisfaction to know that her child knew nothing of the dangers of the land. She would keep the little one ignorant to all terrors if she could. The little girl, who had picked up speed, slipped on the ground. She stumbled for a moment before catching herself. The other YaVei's heads shifted to the girl in mutual worry.

<Y: Kalea! Be careful!> The mother snapped her beak in disapproval. The child stopped running and turned to face her mother.

<Y: I'm sorry, Mother. I'm fine, though, see?> She lightly flared her wings, which haven't even grown to their full size yet. They would though, Aihida assured herself. Her daughter would grow to be safe and healthy. She nodded.

<Y: Of course, little one. Just be more careful, yes?>

Kalea nodded. Before she could go back to playing, Aihida felt another tremor hit the land. This one felt different. Worse. Terrifying. The mother turned to the male YaVei who sat nearest to her. His head flickered from the other worried patrons, then to the child, then to Aihida.

<Y: Take her to safety.>

The male nodded once and lifted Kalea in one fell swoop. Kalea whined in protest and while it pained Aihida to do so, she turned away from her daughter. She could not protect her little one as well as the others could. Her wings, though not useless, were never the same after she birthed her daughter. Some days, her bones would ache relentlessly, so much so that the little one had taken it upon herself to assist with the day's work.

And so she turned away from her daughter, and she did not look back.

Perhaps she should have.

When the homes collapsed and the ground beneath their feet crumbled, Aihida wished she did not hand her daughter off to another Makani. If only to have solace in knowing where her daughter ended up, she would have held onto her little one and never let go. Perhaps that was selfish of her, but as she plummeted from the sky, refusing to give the world the satisfaction of hearing her squawk from fear, all she wished from Manna was to see her daughter one last time. Even if only for a single moment.

And then she hit the water.
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