Active Ali Bibi Shasheen (Tesson)




⸎ N A M E - A N D - A G E - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎

⸎ Current Full Name ⸎
Ali Bibi Shasheen

⸎ Introductory Name ⸎

⸎ Nicknames (Favor to Disfavor) ⸎
o Tesson
o Any racial slurs that are not used as a joke

⸎ Traits ⸎
o Loyal; If you end up on Ali’s good side, he will treat you like family and even try to kill entire armies to save you.
o Suspicious; He is a bit socially awkward, not fully aware of most social cues
o Stubborn; This man is stubborn in his ways and would sooner fail a million times before admitting he is wrong

⸎ Zodiac ⸎

⸎ Age ⸎

⸎ Age they appear ⸎


⸎ P H Y S I C A L - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎

⸎ Current Race ⸎
Sool: Human

⸎ Voice ⸎

⸎ Gender ⸎

⸎ Build ⸎
Tall and Scrawny

⸎ Height ⸎
6’7’’(Imagine it being strikethrough)
⸎ Weight ⸎
180 lbs

⸎ Hair Color/Length/Texture/Style ⸎
Ali has short messy black hair, almost as if he just got out of bed

⸎ Eye Color/Type ⸎
His eyes are a rich brown, that are almost identical to that of a cow, if stared at long enough may provide a calming sensation.

⸎ Skin Tone ⸎
A Paled-Golden Tan

⸎ Face Shape/Details ⸎
He has an oval face with massive bushy black eyebrows.

⸎ Clothing ⸎
He wears long orange robes

⸎ Hygiene ⸎
Good, he smells of cinnamon and sawdust

⸎ Dominant Hand ⸎
⸎ P E R S O N A L I T Y - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎

⸎ Personal Alignment ⸎
Chaotic Good.

⸎ Public Alignment ⸎
Chaotic Good.

⸎ Political Alignment ⸎
Depends on the time of day, his mood, the sea level… Point being it varies

⸎ Main Character Strength ⸎
Aspiring to make the world a better place

⸎ Main Character Weakness ⸎
Not Trustworthy and manipulative

⸎ Good Traits ⸎
o An Eye For Treasure; Ali has a knack for spotting valuables in junk

⸎ Neutral Traits ⸎
o Suspicious; Ali is generally suspicious of others, making himself look a bit suspicious in the process

⸎ Bad Traits ⸎
o Spiteful; Ali is hard to anger, but when you push him to that point he will never forgive you.

⸎ Religion ⸎

⸎ Short Term Goals ⸎
o Get a house. [-]
o Get a job. [-]
o Focus on studying the art of medicine. [-]

⸎ Long Term Goals ⸎
o Become blessed by visage [=]
o Find place in the realm. [=]
o Get married or find a lover [=]
o Find his parents []

[] Achieved, [] Failed, [] Constant, [=] In Progress, [-] Not Started

⸎ Fears ⸎
o Failure [Major]
o Losing his loved ones [Major]
o Poverty [Moderate]
o Jesters [Moderate]
o Drowning [Minor]
o Getting things in eyes [Minor]

⸎ Sexuality ⸎

⸎ Marital Status ⸎


⸎ B A C K G R O U N D - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎

⸎ Interesting life points ⸎

- Ali somehow came to these lands (Just kinda... Showed up) - Ali started a small shop that quickly grew, eventually he would resort to scamming people by not telling them the entire truth of the items they were about to purchase. - Kinda wandered up to a guild-house and became enthralled with a story about visage - Sacrificed multiple items to visage that held knowledge - Went too far and killed someone as a sacrifice, this made him very upset - Broke into the Kane Household only to break a few bones and Freaking die

⸎ Past Jobs ⸎
o Thief
o Scavenger
o Sell Sword
o Merchant

⸎ Current Job(s) ⸎
o Holy Man of Visage

⸎ Birth Parents ⸎

⸎ Pets/Companions ⸎
o Jangles; Monkey ; A small Capuchin monkey that wears a small red coat laced in gold
⸎ Languages ⸎
o Common ; Advanced ; His wording is sometimes jumbled

⸎ Skills ⸎

o Carving/Engraving; [Master]; Very skilled in the art of engraving and carving, allowing intricate art to be made; However this is only with the art aspect of such skill.
o Painting;
[Advanced]; He is quite good at painting with ink, however cannot use oils or colored paints.
o Tailoring;
[Advanced]; He can make most types of outfits but lacks the quality of a master.
o Leatherworking;
[Partial]; He is good with using the raw skins and leather, but cannot do the leather making process itself.
o Jeweling;
[Partial]; He can judge the quality of jewelry and gems. While also being able to tell what things are made of, but he cannot make the jewelry himself.
o Alchemy;
[Partial]; Able to recognize different common herbs, and knows their basic uses, but cannot brew potions or anything more advanced than balms.
o Medicine;
[Traditional]; Good at traditional medicine such as splints, bandages, and disinfectants.
o Baking;
[Foreign]; Knows advanced recipes of unique and interesting food.
o Fighting;
[Foreign]; Can fight fairly well, but is fighting style is unique and isn’t always effective.
o Woodwork;
[Decent]; He can make most basic things out of wood.
o Singing;
[Decent]; Has potential but it is clear that he either has not seen it or just doesn’t care to harness it.
o Smithing;
[Incompetent]; He cannot do anything with smithing.
o Carpentry;
[Incompetent]; Couldn’t make a house if you gave him the blueprints.
o Magic;
[Incompetent]; He doesn’t know how to use magic.


⸎ P R E F E R E N C E S ⸎

⸎ Favorites ⸎

Person ; N/A
Food ; Falafel
Drink ; Tea
Location ; N/A
Activity ; Studying Visage
Animal ; Bird
Flower ; Roses
Color ; Cider

⸎ Least Favorites ⸎
Person ; N/A
Food ; N/A
Drink ; N/A
Location ; Queensport
Activity ; Physical Fighting
Animal ; N/A
Flower ; N/A
Color ; N/A


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Hollows Explorer
Hey dude, just so ya know for future reference the tallest a human can be is like 6'3 as far as I'm aware. Pretty sure you can only be 6'7 under special conditions such as being a legacy character and such
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Basically, it seems to have been put in place purely as a way to prevent human walls (or rather human orcs...) Thus I made sure to balance his height with a small weight; at least for his height.


Hollows Explorer
Basically, it seems to have been put in place purely as a way to prevent human walls (or rather human orcs...) Thus I made sure to balance his height with a small weight; at least for his height.
Yeah I understand that but perhaps try talking with staff about it, such a height is vastly above the average.


Legacy humans can be taller. The standard human physically cannot be taller than 6'3 anymore.


Hollows Explorer
Uhhh, Did you not see the image I posted?
Plus look mate, you know many people irl that are above 6’7. Just look at the NBA. Basically, Ali is an inch shorter then LeBron James
There's also the fact this is medieval times where people were generally shorter, there's also the fact that 6'7 people really... Aren't that common.