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Aloura Brimstone


Settling in Altera


Lourie [Childhood Nickname]
-Social Status-
Lower Class

110 lbs
-Date of Birth-
29th of September
A tiny hamlet near the Landing

-Current Home-
Storms Landing

Lithe and moderately fit
Pale silver/White
Stormy blue
A fair peach, sprinkled with freckles
-Identifying Marks-
A small, heart shaped birthmark rests on her right collarbone
Long, silver-white hair cascades down her back, resting at her hips. Her pale peach skin is decorated with freckles and while her diamond shaped face may not be the most recognizable, she was said to be one of the prettiest girls in her hometown.
Most of the time she can be seen wearing a simple blue and white dress that doesn’t quite touch the floor.
None at the moment
-Prized Possessions-
Aloura bathes frequently, liking herself to be clean and presentable.
Clary Fairchild from Shadowhunters

She has a passion for knowledge and is very nimble.
[For the rest, FOIC]
She gets quite anxious about little things.
[For the rest, FOIC]
Fluent in Common

Quiet and a little anxious, Aloura is slow to trust with most people. Her morals may be a little bit twisted in the eyes of most, but to her, nobody’s opinion matters but her own. [For the rest, FOIC]
-Religion or Cults-
-Short Term Goals-
Learn more about Lady Iarwynn, learn to fight
-Long Term Goals-

The Library
Homemade honey buns from her childhood
Red Wine
Cornflower Blue
Snowy Owl