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[Altera Song] In The Vast Library - 10 year HW anniversary


An Alteran Bard
In The Vast Library

I wrote a song to celebrate the history that has developed on our server.
In particular the stories of Gromm Wake II. He was played by I am Wake , who I don't think will see this message, since he left.

The singer laments his parting, but rejoices at the magic of books and how they can almost bring him back to life.
This is not just a fantasy, this is partially reality: Reading books of players who left brings them back for a moment.

Frostwarts' library is not just a collection of books. In that vast collection there is the spirit of all the people who've gone before.
Delving into their books, you return to other times and understand how we've come to be where we are.
This is a celebration to our 10 year anniversary and a hommage to all who have come and gone.
It's one of my favorite activities when nobody is online, to go through the shelves and pick a few books to re-read.
:heart: So, thank you to all who have written, are writing, and will write. :heart:

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An Alteran Bard
I want to share this, which I shared with the video on my personal facebook.

I've spent a long time on a Roleplay server where I met one of my dearest friends; Connor (I am Wake ). I met him at a mini-game. We were both Dwarves and just goofed around. I must've been around 19 at the time. We went on adventures together, in minecraft, exploring other people's towns, hunting for books people had written. Soon, I found out Connor had an incredible love for history. He was fascinated to read books from players who were on the server before us and had already left. There were stories there of other people's adventures. Some mentioned special places or powerful weapons and Connor and I would go and see if we could find the things mentioned in the books. But he grew tired of chasing fantasy stories and wanted to have these adventures in real life. So he went to study History in Chichester and forced himself not to play anymore, since it was getting addicting. I visited him then, back when he lived in Swindon, and we spent a few days hanging out together, really getting to know the person on the other side of the computer screen. He also came to visit me, here in The Netherlands, and we had a lot of fun!

The server now exists for almost 10 years. Connor made a brief return to write some amazing books which are still being read by many people to this day, but left soon after again. I am currently in charge of a vast library on the server. We collected over 500 books, all written by various people. There must be well over 100 distinct authors in that collection. Today, I went into that library and pulled a few books out. There I found Connor's book; "Gromm's Farewell: An Autobiography" in which Connor's character Gromm wrote about his life, just before the character would die and Connor would leave the server. This song is in honor to our friendship. To how we met, to the people still reading your books, and to the hope that the server will last many more years to come!


An Alteran Bard

In the vast library

In Frostwarts

I found books there, written by a friend
Books by I am Wake , by Lemarc, by Seth_Jenkins

But he has gone away from me

They've all left the server

Our road has come to an end
I won't rp with them anymore

Shelf after shelf, filled with meaning
All these books were at one point important to them

Words between the lines I found
I understand the emotion and excitement in their words

Reading and feeling as if I’m dreaming
It brings me back to those old times

His voice in my head did resound

Ahhh ahhh aaaahaaahh

He left this land, he left his brother

He left the server

With another friend in tow
in favor of friends in uni, or at home, or on another server

He Left this world to find another
He left Altera to get back to real life

Though his past remains in these tomes
But his time here will never be forgotten

So whenever I’m sad that my friend is missing
When I'm sad that he's not around to RP with

I return to that old bookcase
I go and find those books of our old time together

And I find the things his hand has written
I find his play on words, the way he wrote sentences, etc.

Feel his spirit fly out of the page
And I'm right there with him again

Feel his spirit fly out of that page

Aaahhh ahhh ahhh

In the vast library

In Frostwarts

I found books there, written by a friend
There's books by my friends

Although he has gone away from me
Although they've left and won't come back

This is not the end
They are still here, and I cherish and appreciate that

No this is not the end
I'm grateful.