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Alteran Metals and Alloys

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Of the many metals of Altera, precious and staple alike, there are some whose qualities differ slightly to the counterparts we are accustomed to on Earth, and even a rare and strange few that are found in Altera which have no basis in our world. Some, too, are found on Earth which are simply absent entirely from Altera's geography, and naturally there are many other metals and alloys which are still inaccessible to Alterans on account of their their lesser knowledge of metallurgy.

Here, you will find a short list on any metals and alloys with either notable differences to their earthly equivalents, or have details worth clarifying. It is NOT a complete list of every metal found in Altera.

Before we begin, a few wise words from Legion.
Legion said:
First of all, I swear to god if suddenly all of your characters know all this IC, I will simply stop making useful lore public. Either that or make it so that the Gods permanently kill players who metagame. Anyway.
You have been warned~!

Those PRESENT in Altera:

Gold (Metal)
Gold exists in a heavier, but more stable, isotope than on Earth. Consequently, the disproportionate number of neutrons in the metal cations in the sea of delocalised electrons means that Alteran Gold does not bond well to itself. It is the strongest, but simultaneously the most fragile, hence while gold armour may protect the most effectively against damage, it also degrades the fastest. Gold holds enchantments reasonably well.
• Iron (Metal)
Alteran Iron is the same as standard Earth Iron, but it is found in higher concentrations in Altera. Iron holds enchantments well.
• Platinum (Metal)
Alteran Platinum is the same as standard Earth Platinum, and is equally rare. While it is theoretically possible for Alterans to mine, the high melting point of the metal means that any such discovery tends to be dismissed as a particularly obnoxious impurity on the intended prize. As such, while Platinum exists, Altera's technology level means that it remains unknown and unused.​

• Steel (Alloy)
Alteran Steel is the same as standard Earth Steel, but of low quality due to the poorer technology and understanding of forging technique. Steel holds enchantments slightly worse than Iron.
• Tungsten (Metal)
Though Alteran Tungsten (the equal of standard Earth Tungsten) has been discovered in caverns deep below the surface, Alterans have no way to use or even mine it.​

• Uranium (Metal)
Alteran Uranium is the same as standard Earth Uranium, BUT it exists in Altera purely as a result of asteroid impact, not found naturally. Alterans have not discovered it, nor would they be able to identify or use it if they did.​

• Copper (Metal)
Copper is the same as standard Earth Copper. There have been claims of its discovery around a few mines in the New World. It is by no means bountiful if found in nature, but is much easier to smelt and form than other Metals- hence why it tends to be sought after. Copper does not hold enchantments well. Due to the standard Timelock set by the Immortal Kings of past, keep its use within the setting of the server.

• Bronze (Alloy)
Bronze is the same as standard Earth Bronze. It's formed from Copper and other non-metals or metalloids. What holds Bronze to a high standard is its ability to not rust and its ease in melting and forming. It is softer than mild steel and harder than iron. While it can retain its shape- molded Bronze would bend, chip, break, etc, if used against steel weapons and armor or after sustained use. Bronze does not hold enchantments well. Due to the standard Timelock set by the Immortal Kings of past, keep its use within the setting of the server.

Timelock - Part of the Immortal Kings plan to ensure that Alterans never advanced so far as to be able to annihilate themselves with their own technology. For further on this topic, you can read about the Time/Technology Lock {here}. [To be added]

Legion and Naelwyn for original information.
Cherry for writing and refining.

Additional edits added - Solus
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A few caves and mines are now lit in the New World. Some scribes whisper before their parchments as strange, crude forms are discovered. Miners mumble openly as their picks strike not iron, not gold, but something else. Upon long inspection, they find it was not of... familiar material.

Word slowly spreads, but surely. Some new source of material was discovered.
+Those that have mines in the New World will discover small chunks of rare copper.
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