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Alteran Minerals

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All worlds possess their wonders and, for the Dwarves of the mines and fair ladies of the court alike, it is often not the brazen metals which draw the eyes, but those materials finer, more useful, and of a more... mysterious composition. These are Altera's minerals, those substances neither metallic nor living - from the rich jewels and gemstones and glittering things which dwell deep in the belly of the earth, to those treasures envied not for their beauty, but for their strange and marvellous utility.

Here, you will find a short list of minerals found in Altera whose composition or properties are most significant to discuss. It is NOT a complete list of every mineral found in Altera.


• Diamond
[More to be added]. It holds enchantments incredibly well.​

Alteran Emerald is the same as standard Earth Emerald, with the exception that it is found in higher quantities. It is typically green to colourless in shade, with a 'vitreous' or glassy lustre. It also holds enchantments very well, and is useful as a capacitor/regulator for large amounts of inert energy, so it is a common reagent in many spells. Emeralds also have application as part of the universal currency used in Altera.​

• Lapis Lazuli
Alteran Lapis Lazuli is the same as standard Earth Lapis Lazuli, but it is found in higher quantities in Altera. A deep, mottled blue in colour, it possesses a dull lustre, and may be ground to a powder to be used in dye. Furthermore, its complex crystalline structure makes it an ideal candidate for enchantments entailing the regulation of energies.​

• Quartz
Alteran Quartz is the same as standard Earth Quartz, however, while it can still vary greatly in colour, lustre, and transparency, the most common form in Altera is that which ranges from white to colourless.

Legion and Naelwyn for information on arcane interactions.
Cherry for further research and writing.
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