Finished An Auction for the People {Moderate} [9th July]


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With the success of the previous auction, the Azarin Bank would like to host another. This time, however, it is to be an avenue for other individuals
to find a taste of the profit that can come with a successful auction planned and organised by another. No items in this auction will be owned by
the Bank, but please find below a list of the current pieces available. You may make a private bid via letter if desired, and we will speak with the
item owner to see if the offer you provide is acceptable.

All items will carry a 25% fee - Which will be paid the the Bank at the sale of each item.
If you wish to submit an item, please have it sent to the Azarin Bank in Veraci with the desired starting fee (or we can start it for you), and an
address we can send the item to if the auction is not successful.

Item List;

{ 1 } Two Casks of Rogue's Hearth Rosé(wine).
Casks of light oak, this wine is aged well and quite flavourful.

{ 2 } Selection of Silver Coins
Five coins, minted to be used in Rogue's Hearth prior to its abandonment.

{ 3 } Champagnac Wine
A bottle of an ancient vintage from the Old World.

{ 4 } Blackened Horse Armour
A set of armor to be used on a horse, it is black-stained leather with metallic spikes. Found in Nid Arach.

{ 5 } "Marr's Glory" Sword
This bastard blade was recovered from the crumbling ruins of Marr's old capital. A sapphire is inlaid in the pommel, while the hilt and blade are adorned with the symbolism of the deity Rahas. Dubbed Marr's Glory by its previous wielder, this blade has been kept in excellent condition.

{ 6 } A Silver Scroll Case
An intricately carved scroll case made out of pure silver, seemingly depicting Elven glyphs and symbols.

{ 7 } Large Diamond Necklace
A simply crafted necklace with a silver chain and a large teadrop-cut diamond.

{ 8 } Golden Snake Signet Ring
A delicate ring made of pure gold with a carving of a snake at the center.

{ 9 } Golden Spider Trinket
A small but intricately designed spider made of pure gold. (~3cm long)

{ 10 } The 'Chain of Evermore'
A thin silver and elven forged chained bracelet. Said to be able to protect the wearer from nightmares.

{ 11 } Infantry Saber
An old Royalist paramerion (infantry saber) found after the Siege Of Scourge, it’s been kept in decent condition, though there is noticeable wear and tear on the hilt and tip of the blade. { x }

{ 12 } Warhammer Set

A set of two Warhammers, one stained white oak with gilded steel rings, the other stained black with darker steel. They both have Gryphon's
for their maker's marks. { x }

{ 13 } Silver Serpent Robes
A set of finely made silk robes, from the Silver Serpent Hospital in Port Silver. Fitted for a child or similarly small being.

{ 14 } Drake's Scale Necklace
This necklace displays a neatly carved drake's scale on a fine gold chain.

{ 15 } Petrified Syrie Egg
This egg bares swirling patterns on its surface, and is about the size of an ostrich's.

{ 16 } Amethyst's Engagement Ring
A rather elegant, but typical, engagement ring that bears the name 'Amethyst Azerwind' inside.

{ 17 } Fine Violin (Stallion)
One of a pair, created by a Duke. This one bears the sigil of Walanescu engraved in both its case and its back. (This is only the sale of one.)

{ 18 } Pouch of Riseport Tobacco
A pouch of tobacco, from the old lands of Riseport.

{ 19 } Crown of Bones
A crown made of various, unknown bone types...

{ 20 } Caparii Horn Necklace
A necklace with a pendant made of Caparii Horn.

{ 21 } Seagate Billhook & Sooleran Javelin
Sooleran wargear from the Old world. A polearm and a javelin bearing sooleran scrimshaw and script upon their hafts.

{ 22 } Sea Diamond
A relatively small diamond, an inch long, but it holds a light blue colour making it rare.

{ 23 } 2 Emerald Tiger Statuettes
Two statuettes, no more than 30cm long, carved of emerald in the form of large cats.

{ 24 } 2 Bars of 'Ravenmire' Silver
Two bars of silver from the old world mines of Ravenmire.

{ 25 } Vesryn's Marrian Bow
A longbow that once belonged to a Marrian captain, then owned by a man of Crusade.

{ 26 } Ignite's Robe
Thematic of Ignis. A long flowing robe of pure whites and glowering golds, formed for religious purpose. Golden filigree lines the hem and shines in the sun. { x }

{ 27 } Jax' Desert Days
Thematic of Jax. This desert attire was gold and black with highlights of greens and reds here and there woven through the fabric. A long cape keeps the sun from searing off your arms and coin dangles from the belt. { x }

{ 28 } The Rose Prince
Thematic of Sallana. Pinks and yellows make up this attire, making for a 'rose gold' feel and look to it. It made one look particularly regal. { x }

{ 29 } Envy of All
Green is the shade of Envy and this dress would certainly make people envy you. A marriage of green and gold, it was mostly a painstakingly crafted dress with an open front and embroidery dotting the hem. Tights included. { x }

{ 30 } Winter's Woman
To keep one from cold's bite a lady oft draped themselves in furs. This was no different, a blue-dyed dress with elk fur lining inside and around the edges. Beneath was a second layer of a lighter, paler ocean blue. { x }

{ 31 } Little Spearmaid
Women were as fierce as men at times but why not look good in practice? Whilst not practical, it was not meant for true fighting and mostly as a loose and fashionable informal wear, best worn on a warm day. Sleeveless and with a laced gold back, it was a simple short navy dress with a golden corset and matching gloves/stockings. { x }

{ 32 } "Jax Favoured"

A finely crafted artisanal cedar fishing rod graced by the phrase “Jax’s Luck” engraved in stunning cursive. This rod was the sole survivor from the wreckage of Cedric Lydel’s ill fated mapping expedition. May it’s luck bless you every day.

{ 33 } Heavy Crowbeak
Overall, the weapon finds itself at roughly six feet in length and weighs about thirteen pounds, a bit heavier for a polehammer of this length. However, the interest in this weapon is entirely in the fact that it is entirely impractical. The crow's beak at the back of the weapon is just that- shaped to be a literal crow's beak. The spike protruding from the top of the weapon is instead in the visage of a crow's wings, upright as though they are in flight. The actual hammer portion of the weapon remains largely the same, though the small spikes that protrude from the hammer have been shaped like a crow's talons. The entirety of the steel is darkened to be a greyish black, as far as Podric's currently abilities will allow him. The haft of the weapon is made from spruce, and wrapped in leather dyed black.

{ 34 } Fireplace Zweihander
Again, a fairly standard weapon- weighing nine pounds and having a grip with the length of ten inches, while the blade itself is a flat sixty inches- overall, the weapon is 5'10". The weapon appears, at a glance, to be fairly regular, a flamberge blade as opposed to a straight one. However, at the center of the blade, it has been stained entirely to look like flames are going up the center of the blade, not touching either edge of the blade, as to not tamper with its practical use. The crossguard, at the base of the blade, is also painted to appear to be a campfire- specifically, the logs of such. However, the prongs leading off of it, and the parrying hooks just above the crossguard both find themselves stained a darker color, in order to indicate smoke. The hilt of the weapon itself is wrapped in a regular leather, stained a greyish-brown, though the entirety of the hilt below is made entirely of gold, with the pommel having a large piece of quartz embedded into it, then a small cage of steel has been placed just over it in order to protect it. The weapon is meant to be both fancy and practical.


es it's another auction. With some RP and short notice event planning we can do something tomorrow or wait a week so we went with
tomorrow. The items are bidded on OOC just like before, we'll sort the 25% at each item success (I'll log it throughout event) and each
item (unless a garment or something) should have an OOC item prop. I'll pop a few on display in advance. I'll not be using any of my
own items and I won't be naming any items or whatever else - Just to clarify. It's for people to get rid of items/artifacts and move them
about while we host.
(I'll put up banners. It's the Event Hall in Veraci. :) )

DATE || 9th July.
TIME || 6:30pm EST.
RATING || Moderate.
LOCATION || Veraci

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Lord of Altera
oohhh, that sword looks real nice. I'll try and make it!!
hopefully I don't end up bankrupting myself lmao!


Secretly Niah
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My god there's so many items. I'm sorry, might be a long auction, or if it drags on a bit uhhhh idk we'll see. lord


Secretly Niah
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This is now! PM Me or blarg (Kurzik / BLargtheawesome) for a TP. :)


Secretly Niah
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All got sold except 28, 33, and 34. The outfit is from Julianne, weapons from Podric, if anyone wants to send them bids.
Thanks for attending, all! I think I'm done on these for a while.