Animancy Primer

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Hello there! This is a more up-to-date summary of what Animancy does than the post from several years ago, with a few spells provided as samples.


Seances: Talk to the dead through a reflective surface.

Entity: Soul​
Effect: Establishes contact with the other side. The targeted soul may speak and observe the caster’s surroundings through a chosen medium for the duration of the seance (concentration)​
Level: Journeyman​
Cost: 25​
Induction: Subtly influence a target's emotional state.
Effect: Prompt a minor emotional response. The spell is only cast at apprentice level, but the resistance DCs scale with the level of the caster. The target may roll to resist the effect, with DCs of: 14 for Apprentice, 15 for Journeyman, 16 for Adept, 17 for Master, and 18 for Magus.​
Level: Apprentice​
Cost: 5​


Curses: Binding an entity to a person and bidding it to affect them in some way. Requires an entity already residing in a fetish, though the level of such does not matter. Has a maintenance cost.

Entity: Soul​
Effect: Positive emotions are muted and negative emotions are amplified in the victim. Not directly threatening, but continued exposure may lead to depression.​
Level: Journeyman​
Cost: 20/day​


Fetishes: Magical item with an entity bound to it. Mages can make up to four at each level, provided they can cast at that level.
  • Charms: Low-grade area effects, beneficial. Expensive to make.
  • Wards: Defensive items against their entity’s respective domain.
  • Malaprops: Flashy summoning/dismissal devices for their respective entities.
  • Jinx: Cursed items that produce some effect when a condition is triggered.
[Charm] Mollification Charm​
Entity: Soul​
Effect: When hung over a bed, the sleeper beneath may enjoy their rest free of nightmares. It also otherwise ensures a comfortable night’s rest.​
Special components: Destroying a representation of one of the caster’s phobias.​
Level: Adept​
Costs: 25​
[Ward] Ward, Eldritch​
Entity: Soul​
Effect: Entity protects its wearer from on-level or lower curses. This effect works only once before it must be recharged.​
Special components: Fetish must be buried in fresh dirt from a grave.​
Costs: 10/20/50/100​
[Malaprop] Malaprop, Shadow:​
Entity: Shadow​
Appearance: Ink-stained bone.​
General Effects: Summons a sphere of darkness, intensity and size depending on level. Lasts three minutes.​
Apprentice [cost: 5]: Summons a globe-sized sphere of semi-translucent shadow.​
[Jinx] Trap Card​
Entity: Fire Elemental​
Effect: Object ignites if grabbed by anyone but its owner.​
Level: Journeyman​
Cost: 20​
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