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Annual Server Update |
10th Day of Snowdown, Season of Frost

Hello Alterans!

This month marks another year and another milestone here in Hollowworld. We plan to recall what we can over these past few months and share with you our plans for the year.

Here are some milestones on the server of 2019:
Big Donation Goals
Starfall Campaign
The Reaching Hand Mini-Campaign
Unhinged Campaign
Head Texturedatabase
Introduction of Support Tickets

Kamaoe said:
Spawn & Storm's Landing's Current plans are to fix the address system and catch back up on the rent.
+{The Mentor Group continues to whitelist new folk}

The following two projects were labelled "Plans for the future", but as of today, they are completed and ready to roll on out.

Solus: A new Lobby for un-whitelisted players to spawn in has been created. New players show up at /warp lobby - and you may check the area out yourselves. The start of the Newbie Questline and /warp shophub will be located there as well.We are moving away from sisterhood temple, albeit still carrying the themes of the telltale grove. The motive to move is partly because the current Temple tends to be used in some events and I'd like to move all the text and guides away from potential roleplay from being there as distractions.

Donations and perks will still be worked on. I'm working on a new Subscriber Rank, that all ranks can purchase, for in-game cosmetic perks that are not yet available. This includes a new chat emote feature, coloring titles for items through anvils, and convenient warps to resource maps. I'd like to make sure it's worth the player's donations, and will be releasing it soon. Feedback on it will be welcome.


{Peek at the new Temple lobby}​


A brief look into H/S, with Tiberione, there is a continuation of fixing bugs and exploration of new plugins for players. As mentioned in this post- 1.14 is on hold until we find ways to work on our plugin problems. Some potential new things we're looking into is a new book display system and a new sign system. More details will come in time.


Refunds: Refunds are up to date as of writing this. These get handled fairly quickly, its the removal or ruining of the region itself that can take some more time depending upon if the region had a large quantity of World Edit to construct it as these cannot be undone with rollback commands. Instead manual removal or importing of original backed up terrain is used instead to paste over the build.

Inactive Regions: @Jazzper has been handling updating the list and tracking the owners activity. Actually smiting the regions is taking more time because of a lack of VoxelSniper, at least for me personally. The alternative way is simply rolling back the regions, but due to a heavy use of WorldEdit in a lot of regions means that rollback is limited. Another recent discussion was had about whether inactive and doomed regions could be saved by handing over total ownership to another person, even if the region did not have a co-owner already. The owner of the doomed region cannot sell the region as we want to incentivize activity. This prevents people making profit of their region despite being inactive themselves. A handed over region will then be treated as other regions at the Somewhat-safe tier to make sure the new region owner is active themselves. As for a hard limit on how many times a region can be thrown to a new owner, it's undecided. But this is currently handled on a case by case basis as it's only happened once so far.

WorldEdits: These are nearly all up to date as of writing this. Got a couple quick ones to see to.

Roads: These are all up to date as of writing this.

(PS: Just to note regarding all of these, requests do sometimes get missed but that seems to be a notification issue with the forums. Hit me up with a quick DM on Discord if you think I've missed something of yours. I'm typically always online there.)
Jazzper said:
Inactive Region Destruction has been picked up by me, Jazzper, in the beginning of 2019. As 2019 progressed, most preparational work was performed, after which the Inactive Region Destruction list was updated sporadically and several changes have been made to the way it works.
For 2020, we hope to update the IRD list more frequently.


What we did: We introduced new lore partnered with a variety of projects headed by the Events Dept., perhaps most notably with the addition of Vyres to the world. We also expanded and altered our F&F catalog, restructured the dept. in several minor ways (namely the inclusion of some assisting player voices, see: "Hired Guns"), and made changes to our present project members and the roles of those standing members therein.

What we are doing: Presently working on developing superior systems for Alchemy and Enchanting, which is the main lore-related project at the present time. Also being developed, is a number of experimental projects which may potentially increase the fantasy elements of the community. These projects are not a matter of solicited public response yet, and indeed may be tabled indefinitely. However, Lore is continually dedicated to exploring new ideas for our communities setting.

What we are going to do (potentially): Looking at possible continued efforts to restructure the dept., particularly to aid in the rate at which submitted materials are read, reviewed and responded to. Lore will continue to work with Events in creating server-wide campaigns and in managing the Divines, which will be a large focus in the coming months of February, March, and April of 2020.


With the conclusion of Unhinged, we'll now be moving forward with some pretty significant changes to the world. The Sisterhood has shifted to a new system to reflect the changes, and one of the next reveals will be a new section in the Bestiary titled 'Supernatural'. This will include the things like the ghosts and wraiths we had in the campaign, which will be able to be used in player events. Ideally they'll be used with specific DMs, which is where the 'Player DM' position comes in. These players are trusted individuals who can speak with me directly and organise your events with you, not limited by 'event staff only' bestiary entries.
In the future, we'll be looking at the next campaign being one with more of a divine focus, leading on from the aftermath of Unhinged. This has no start date yet, but it is likely to be about March. To fill the time between now and then, we're hoping to encourage player events and offer assistance where we're able. On top of this will be maintaining the responses for divine, research, and events in general, whilst working with lore.

Some spoilers for what is to come in the new year at various intervals, though;
  • "Paragons"
  • "Demons"
  • "Consecration, Desecration"
  • "Divine Changes"
  • "Supernatural Creatures"
  • "Plaguelands"

Jazzper said:
Over the course of the year, we have managed to maintain our faster response times compared to prior years. There was a slight lapse during the holidays, but that has been of or is presently being taken care of. If there is ever an issue, you need to report someone or you need advise, feel free to reach out to either of the three Moderators.


Media-- The newsletter with continue with relatively the same format, a few changes here and there will be implemented, with the addition of possibly more monthly contests or showcases. In addition, there are more one off contests in the works with varying focuses, sure to be interesting for those who participate.

Thank you to this year's Donators:

Much like our past annual threads, I've been transparent as possible with our earnings. Donators have helped us gain 2.2k worth of funding to run this server in 2019. After our expenses, our move to a new H/S system, and our ask for donations to support it- We are currently at a green balance of $300 to the server's account. We'll be using it to support expired licenses, seeking helpful plugins or it will be used to keep the server running for months to come. Here's a big thank you to the donators for they are the ones that keep the server running and motivate us to continue working on our content.

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This server has forever changed my RP experience and my life. I have benefited so much off of this server. I cannot begin to explain. Thank you so much for helping me realize a healthy, mature, experienced RP server is possible. I always recommend HollowWorld to people. It is my home away from home.