Appeal for unbanning [Appeal Denied]


Loyal Servant of Altera
Well, as is very obvious, I was banned from the server for theft. I do not wish to make this into something horribly long and pleading, however I have given back the item I stole, as well as apologized to the man who I stole from. Therefor, I would like to request that I be unbanned, seeing as how it has been over two weeks. I do understand what I did was wrong, and I do feel guilt for it. I would only ask that I be given a chance to gain redemption for myself. Will I steal/grief again? No, and if I break my word, then you'll have this to condemn me. So, I leave this matter up to the decision of the staff, and to any reading this, thank you for your time.


Secretly Elz
Retired Staff
Hello Morbid,

I appreciate your eagerness to return to roleplay. However, after taking a look at the reports and logs on your watchlist, we've decided that the temp-ban will remain in place for its full duration. You will be able to rejoin the server on December 19th like originally stated. In your appeal, I'm not sure which item you're referencing as having been returned, but here is the conversation you had with us leading up to the ban. According to the conversation you had with Elz before, you threw a stolen book on the ground for it to despawn. I am fairly certain the other player was not able to get that unique book back. I know there was a saddle involved and that may have been returned, but the book was not. When the ban is lifted on the 19th of this month, please take a moment to re-read the King's Law and make sure you're familiar with that conduct we expect of our players.


I have given back the item I stole, as well as apologized to the man who I stole from.