[Approved] Sir_Arc's Ban Appeal

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Sir Arc

Legend of Altera
I will not give any excuse for my inappropriate behavior other then it being completely immature and disrespectful to staff and other members that might have seen the post. My first warning was given out after I made a childish comment on a thread which staff, seeing it violated the rules quickly deleted it and attempted to point out my mistake with a convo on the forum with a warning for added effect. I responded with a rude remark to moderation staff which, with my profile picture decisively got me banned. I’m here to say I’ve come to my senses and realized that I was in the wrong for my own actions. I apologize to moderation staff who had to put up with me, I’ve been a good member of Hollowworld for a couple years now and this is my first warning and ban (As long back as I can remember). Like staff recommended I changed my profile picture to something better. I hope I can come back and continue to be a contributing and active member of Hollowworld.


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Staff member
We certainly appreciate the honesty and self-reflection, and would like to thank you for both your time and your cooperation. We acknowledge that everyone has bad days, and that you have been a good member of the Hollowworld community with no prior issues. We therefore see no reason to deny your appeal, and have lifted the ban.

Moderation Team

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