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Finished Arachian Collaboration - Progression Thread 1


An Alteran Bard

For some weeks now, the forces of good have been digging in Arachian soil like a parasite, a maggot, eating away on treasure that should never have made its way into their destructive hands. The Arachian Lord has been made aware of their presence but has been unable to find or combat them. He has called for help and his message found its way to a select few shady individuals.

The mission is clear: without revealing themselves, they will attempt to sabotage the outpost adventurers and attempt to stop their march into Jishrim's grounds. However, the Arachian Lord is a paranoid creature and mistrust runs amok within the ranks of evil. Naturally, these people will somehow have to prove themselves and gain the trust of the lord and his minions...

This is the thread to counter-balance the outpost events [HERE], the people who will refer to this thread are the ones who will attempt to sabotage the people who are setting up an outpost. I will do that in the following manner; I will not host events for both sides simultaneously, but rather separately. Either side will not see the other face to face, but rather will work against each other without ever crossing blades. Some side may fortify, while the other side will attempt to break through.

These baddies will be fortifying Nid Arach, set traps for the other team, develop further trust between them and the Arachians, find lost knowledge, and perhaps even craft their own set of Arachian Steel Armor. Why let the good guys have all the fun? It'll be a game of cat and mouse, all the while both sides will be able to progress toward a set of arachian armor and get some sweet loot, books, and RP :)

The people who do these mini-events will be using actions to further their progress, like the people at the outpost do. They will also use an hour of RP each time to attempt and gain more trust on the Arachian trust-meter. They can create traps and fortifications, repair, or perform sabotage for instance.


They've unlocked the following abilities:
Are allowed to enter and leave Nid Arach freely
Are allowed creation of traps within Nid Arach
Have access to the Beast-master's cages.
May construct a new tower anywhere within the grounds.

They can use 3 actions to:
Set a trap
Dismantle a trap
move corpses
move rubble
command minions

Arachian Trust - The Arachians heavily distrust and dislike these people. They're watching their every move, but have recently been forced to co-operate somewhat.
Essence of Chaos - 2,5,8,11,12 are yet to be discovered.
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