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[Arachian Set] Armor of Starlight


An Alteran Bard
The Armor of Starlight
All pieces of this armor give off a white glow when exposed to starlight.

Focus your energies beyond the incapable

mind and reveal the secrets of the inner
unknown to open yourself to the truths
that lie within.

My master spoke of an incredible magical
set of armor, known only as the Armor of
Starlight. He took his invention of startlight
many steps further than mere scribling
onto old parchment and gave the secret
of starlight to the Arachian smiths. They
forged him a set of armor that glowed
a ghostly white under the light of the stars.

This Armor of Starlight was fashioned from
a helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots and
shield and created an unholy sight upon

any nightly battlefield...

The Armor of Starlight set contains:
Starlight Helmet - Found by Milah, Jazzper
Starlight Chest - Found by Ardaric, Tideborne
Starlight Leggings - Found by Milah, Jazzper
Starlight Boots - Found by Damien, Baron2537
Starlight Cape - Found by Milah, Jazzper
Starlight Shield - Found by Damien, Baron2537

Related Arachian treasures:
Vial of the Stars - Found by Milah, Jazzper

(Questions about the lore explanation can be send to me in a PM, please.)
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An Alteran Bard
This entire set has been found and as such is now out there in Altera as a whole.
People are of course allowed to trade, give away, or do whatever they like, as it's now their property.