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[Arachian Set] The Rootmoss Concealment


An Alteran Bard
Credits: Настя Мел

The Rootmoss Concealment
When the complete set is worn, one is all but invisible in a natural environment for as long as they lay still.

O ye, Trust not your eyes, for they deceive
you from the truths that lie beyond your
perception. Open your mind to the words
of my master.

My master spoke to me of heroes who
came to slay the ideals and truths He had
come to gather in the stronghold of Nid
Arach. Destruction, chaos and dismay
on their minds, they slaughtered all those
who stood between them and the Dark
Lord. Yet, they did not see those that were
not visible. Hidden, they lay in wait, and
there they observed the vile heroes lay
waste to Nid Arach. Hidden, they remain.
Always watching, and so my master will
always know.

So told my master, and so it is written.


The Rootmoss Concealment set contains:
Rootmoss Cloth hood - Found by Ardaric Tideborne (Tideborne )
Rootmoss Cloth Top - Found by Milah Sicarus (Jazzper )
Rootmoss Cloth Legs - Somewhere in Nid Arach
Rootmoss Cloth Feet - Somewhere in Nid Arach
Root Longbow - Somewhere in Nid Arach
Savage Root Dagger - Somewhere in Nid Arach
Rootmoss Chair - Somewhere in Nid Arach

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An Alteran Bard
With the Starlight set entirely discovered now, I like to introduce the third set to you. A very different approach. Not armor in the sense of combat, but in that of avoiding combat.