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Rare Arachian Steel

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Dark steel, a secret alloy forged within Nid Arach

art from

Name: Arachian Steel
Description: A deep purple metal bordering black, with slightly magical properties.

Arachian Steel has been used to create armor, weapons, and tools which gave dark forces around the Nid Arach fortress an edge in battle. Tradition caused these items to have a certain appearance. Someone who has seen several Arachian items would be able to keep them apart from ordinary weaponry by their dark color and typical spiky appearance. The spikes upon the armor and weapons allow for an aggressive forward fighting style.

The reason and advantage of using Arachian Steel over any other material, is that those who surround themselves by enough of this material become immune to the "Essence of Chaos" effect that controls Nid Arach. The Essence of Chaos is in effect in Nid Arach at all times and changes daily. High-ranking Arachian officers who have been spotted wearing this steel are reported to have walked through blizzards undisturbed and could land decapitating blows with battle-axes regardless of vision-obscuring conditions brought forth by the Essence of Chaos. In time, Arachians have found that a full set of Arachian armor contains enough Arachian Steel to negate all of the Essence's effects.

The formula to Arachian Steel is a well-kept secret and the ingredients, their relative quantities, and the forging process are to this day unknown. During the hay-days of Nid Arach, the mines which ultimately created the four Pits of Magic supplied minerals to the fortress. There, several smiths worked the Arachian Steel into the shapes they desired. Even then, they only managed to produce enough to supply only the highest ranking officers of the forces of darkness.

Because of some of its ingredients, Arachian Steel carries memories. Whoever wears it will at times be confronted with flashbacks of terrible visions. The visions are feverish and come in the shape of feelings rather than precise memories. Feelings of pain, hatred, fear, anger and malace. At first, these visions can be ignored to some extend, though wearing the armor for several days will make that a lot harder. In time, the wielder may start to have trouble discerning these memories from their own. Thus effectively becoming a more aggressive person all of themselves. This very effect is the reason why Arachians who wore this armor into battle have been observed to be so brutal, performing the most horrible ways to hurt someone who was already defeated, as if the armor had removed their consciousness and changed their identity. Unspeakable war-crimes, even for an evil warlord, have taken place under the influence of the Arachian Steel.

Nowadays, with the recipe lost, Arachian objects can only be forged by salvaging damaged pieces of weapons and armor found within Nid Arach. When enough salvage is gathered, it is essential that the smith uses a forge within Nid Arach to cast a salvaged Arachian ingot, which can then be wrought into the desired shape. Since steel doesn't hold enchantments too well, the effects of the Arachian Steel are only active within the tainted lands of Nid Arach.

Arachian Objects crafting-overview:
When breaking down objects, they yield 2 salvage per piece, or 5 salvage per repaired object.
5 Arachian Salvage makes up 1 Arachian Ingot

Helmet - 3 Ingots (15 salvage)
Chestpiece - 5 Ingots (25 salvage)
Leggings - 3 Ingots (15 salvage)
Boots - 2 Ingots (10 salvage)
Shield - 3 Ingots (15 salvage)
Weaponry - 3 Ingots (15 salvage)

Example: Say you've gathered 4 pieces of weapons and repaired a helmet, chestpiece, and shield. You salvage the pieces for 16 salvage and the repaired items for 27 salvage. You gain a total of 43 salvage, which equals to 8 ingots. With this, you can craft boots, a shield and a weapon, which is enough Arachian Steel for the magic in the steel to take effect (see below for the effects).

Important things to note when using this lore:
  • You can currently only acquire Arachian items (salvage, ingots, objects) in Nid Arach. Contact Bartooliinii for a DMed visit to get loot. Keep in mind, these visits are rated violent.
  • The magical effects regarding the Essence of Chaos are only active within Nid Arach.
  • The magical effects do not work unless the person is surrounded by enough Arachian:
    • 8 ingots worth; slightly less hampered by essence of chaos (the blizzard is cold, but the snow doesn't hamper movement) minimum flashback-memories
    • 12 ingots worth; essence of chaos is perceived, but not experienced (can see blizzard, but is not cold), confusing amount of flashback-memories. Enough to lose some sense of identity.
    • 16 ingots worth; essence of chaos disappears entirely for the wielder. Maddening amount of flashback-memories, enough to lose your sense of identity. Can't separate memory from reality.
  • Refer to the Arachian Object crafting-overview on how much salvage you'll need for the above mentioned effects to take place.

Written by Bartooliinii
Reviewed by Lore
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