Upcoming [Arc of Sin] Inside The Hog's Head


The Artisan
The Arc of Sin
~ Barbed Wire ~

My Lord spoke to me of the everlasting teeth of time and the illusion of mankind to enjoy an influence over it.
~ Decay ~

The Hog's Head Butchery in Halbed has had a successful opening.
People tasted delicious foods and might have ordered some meat in the mean time.
The stories of a successful and delicious butchery have spread through-out Altera.
Are you still in time to enjoy the delicacies??


When: 24th of August - Saturday - 22:00h GMT+2 / 4pm EST
Where: Halbed - Butchery within the walls
What: The Butchery, 10 days after its opening.

Elz Lannis Squidziod