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Lord of Altera
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I. To fear the Gods, and maintain faith in the divine of the pantheon
II. To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
III. To Protect the Weak and the Defenceless.
IV. To give succour to widows and to orphans.
V. To refrain from the giving of Offence, and to seek forgiveness when one does give offense to another.
VI. To live by honour and glory, to the end of days.
VII. To despise the mortal reward of riches.
VIII. To obey those placed in authority over thyself.
IX. To guard the honour of your fellow knights.
X. To Keep faith in a divine of the pantheon of your choice, at all times.
XI. To at all times, speak only the truth.
XII. To respect of the honour of women, and show respect at all times.
XIII. To preserve to the end of any set goal.
XIV. To Never refuse a challenge from an equal.
XV. To Never turn your back upon a foe.
XVI. To always maintain and care the equipment given.

Deus Vult
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