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[Archives] The history of House Brus


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House Brus has been around for a while, it has seen many things and it has endured it all.
It was founded a long while ago, more and more stories piling up through the years.

One story, a legend of sorts, describes one of the most important members of the House; it describes the deeds of William Brus.
William Brus is an ancestor of the Brus’ of today that, according to these legends, is the one responsible for the way House Brus is currently looked at.
It tells us about a time when House Brus was at it’s strongest, it had many members and followers and it had joined a Kingdom in order to rise in prestige and power. But this decision proved to be a fatal one. As the Kingdom gained enemy after enemy, so did House Brus.
When the Kingdom fought battles, so did House Brus.

The tale describes what happened one fatal night in the hills; how William Brus readied his troops behind a hill to rush to the aid of the allied Kingdom. They rode to battle and surprised their opponent, crushing part of their army in an instant. The gathering of Brus and allied men started celebrating their coming victory. Lord, generals and soldiers alike. They didn’t realise that the opposing forces barely tried to retreat, nor begged for mercy.

The generals were too focussed on winning the war that they realised what was wrong only when it was already far too late.
One single horn could be heard in the distance...then another…
Before they could effectively react, the rest of the opposing armies marched on them from over some of the many hills.
A seemingly easy victory turned into the bloodiest of battles as friend and foe fell alike.
As soon as they could catch even the tiniest of breaks, most other lords had started to retreat. They started leaving the battlefield behind and most of their troops ran for their lives.

William, however, refused to go down like that. Few men looked at him as he and his group moved towards the enemy, giving their “allies” time to retreat.
William and those that remained tried their best at fighting off the enemies, but their number was too great. Nearing the end of battle, allies, those from the other Houses as well as those from House Brus alike, charged one last time towards their opponents.

After a bloody fight, the remainder of the allies and House Brus either fell or retreated.
William fell near the end with his weapon in hand, his determination and loyalty had never, not even once, faltered.
The time after this was a time for mourning for House Brus.
They ceremonially burned the bodies of Willam, some generals and other high-ranking members of House Brus.

Those of House Brus that retreated, only those without any serious wounds, were hunted down, tried for desertion and removed from the House. House Brus had no space and time for those that’d ultimately abandon and betray their own kin like that.

The following years House Brus did their best to rebuild, but their numbers remained few. The Lady of House Brus title eventually moved to Fania Brus.
The position of heir to the leadership over House Brus therefore fell upon the closest relative, Hayley Brus. Fania Brus is the former heir, and now the Lady, of House Brus.
She and the two generations before her agreed about how to rebuild their House: spread to other lands, settle there and find support among other Houses and perhaps even join an Empire or Kingdom.

Fania sought out a few noble Houses and their lords in order to forge an alliance.
Thus, House Brus became vassal to house de Courtnay. Fania served as vassal to the de Courtnays for a while, ascending to the rank of man-at-arms. Fania served Francis with honour and readiness, she even fought in the Breakwater Siege. When lord Francis de Courtnay passed away, Brus was no longer bound to the de Courtnays. When Anhald's forces started attacking members of Brus, Fania decided that they should place their allegiance elsewhere.

For a short time, they were an independent House. After joining the stillborn House of Abermore, it was decided that House Brus would stand by Azerwind as their close friends.
Fania Brus has served as the Queensguard to both Diamond and Citrine G. Azerwind.
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