ArkenGuard Appeal for Unbanning (Resolved - Elz)


is Barken
I was recently banned for a breach of the King's Law following repeated fair warnings.

I do have some confusion regarding the circumstances of my ban, but out of appreciation for the sensibilities of my fellow players, I realize that my comments could be viewed as offensive and shocking. Out of love for the server that I have put 7 and a half years of my life into, I can make a genuine promise to adhere to the rules themselves; of which, I have good respect for. My most recent was mistake - alike most of my server posts - a joke that is understood by almost no one aside from my friend group. My humor is often misplaced and childish when first viewed, and I apologize for causing whichever disruption I may have.

I am willing to henceforth limit my forum posts to serious discussion adhering to character development and events and avoid OOC discussion , in which my comments are not appreciated. My activity as of recent has began to trend upwards and I've spoken to staff members about event chains to encourage roleplay in groups where we dry spells have been experienced. I do hope that my errors can be overlooked with my promise to absolve the shock humor I typically employ on the forums.

Thank you for considering.


Staff member
Hello. I'm going to ask players not to remark on a ban appeal as is per our rules. This will be looked at when possible.

Be kind, folks. We're all here to have fun and we don't have fun when we have people throwing stuff at us for following the rules we laid out and hope that you all follow.


Staff member

Moderation staff have gone over your appeal, and while we think it is well written and proves an eagerness to change, we should remind you to indeed keep your behaviour in check and refrain from posting remarks that got the ban put in place originally. Please keep in mind the rules on the forums and how some of your comments can be offensive to other members of the community. Your accounts will be unbanned within 24 hours.

Moderation team