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Relics have begun to spring up in Altera. They harbor special features, albeit far from powerful. They mostly seem to be visually appealing and are akin to parlor tricks. These are the special item unit and their holders. All info is to be learned in-game!

☄️ Divine Doohickey

Blessed by select members of the Pantheon to strengthen faith, these instruments can only be used by those who favor the divines. They tend to be thematic and carry more sentimentally religious tunes than Arcane artifacts. Cannot be used by an Arcane Student or Mage. Some are only specific to their divine faith.
✨ Arcane Baubles

These artifacts vary between the Four Schools of Magic and tend to be more free-form. Cannot be used by a Divine Booned Character.
One cannot attune to more than one artifact at a time.

To use an artifact, one must be willing and must then harmonize with the object of favor, first. It requires a short moment of meditation with the object touched throughout it, approximately 10 minutes in Roleplay. Equivalent to a short rest. Upon attuning, the object's contents would then make the wearer or holder aware of its uses. Essentially, a mortal is able to only attune to one artifact at a time.

To un-attune, one most simply remove the object from their grasp and touch. They cannot attune to another object until a full OOC day.
Reprisal (Backlash):
The body of the character trying to attune to an object is rejected. The artifact begins to burn hot and a bright flash emanates between the body of the holder and the object, stunning them. The object violently escapes their grasp as if an invisible force rips them apart, knocking a character off their feet for a good while.

After effects: The character is under emotional distress for a few days.

A reprisal occurs under these conditions:
+Someone who is blessed by Divines with a boon is trying to use an Arcane Artifact.
+A Mage or Magical Student is trying to use a Divine Artifact.
+Someone attuned to one Artifact is trying to attune to a Second.
+Someone who un-attunes one artifact would then attempt to attune to another in the same OOC day.
+Someone who disrespects the Pantheon attempts to attune to a Divine Artifact.
The Magical Artifact loses its status. It can physically be destroyed, a divine removes its blessing, or it reaches its maximum usage if it has a cap to its abilities. It then becomes mundane fragments of what it used to be.
(OOCly- if the object is causing a ruckus, is OP, or overall Lore/Event Council/Staff wishes to remove it, a Clamor occurs IC).

The Format:
Name - Can be anything.
Physical Description - Visual.
Ability - Roll d% if relevant. What it do.
Attuned to - Player Character. N/A
TheDeester For discussion and limits
Solus For putting it all together
Lore Council for ideas and artifacts
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+Please do not make up artifacts with special powers. And don't pester a Staff member to add artifacts or give you one. The ones approved by Lore are listed below.
+This thread is public so that there is no miscommunication on the uses of these artifacts and so that we can keep track of it.
+Please do not metagame the holders of these artifacts.
+If you have an artifact below and it was stolen, it broke, it was given to someone else, or other, please contact a Staff member so that they can update the status of the artifact below.


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Name: Star Singer
Physical Description: A long sword that reflects the night sky in the blade as if one looked at the stars. If it's daylight, it'll look as if it's a plain sword with an ordinary oak hilt and crossguard.
Ability: The weapon makes the attuned desire it when they look at it and are around it. It gives a short confidence boost upon wielding it. Around certain areas of the continent at night, the blade will softly glow white. (Contact a Staff Member if you test it out at night)
Attuned to: Fronslin Fronslin

Name - Gungnir
Physical Description - An ornate bidenhander Eviscism focus with a straight, longsword-shaped crossguard and parrying lugs, with its very own ornate designs. The handle is long, offering good control and leverage over the long blade. The pommel is a swept, silver cage, and on the inside, a star tetrahedron heartstone, or a Nether Star, which glows a bright, pure white.
Ability - Mage can roll a second roll after their initial spell roll, and if succeeding a separate DC, their spell becomes two projectiles, flying parallel, swirling through the air towards their target. The mage has a certain amount of charges they can attempt to split their projectile with. (Current max charges: 2) Spells cast from this focus, despite their original color or energy type, manifest as pure white versions of their original form.
Attuned to: Lord Gael Dugald Scardrac

Name: A Golden Tooth
Description: A golden tooth, made in perfect imitation of one of the front incisors of a human mouth.
Special Attunement: Implanting the tooth as a false tooth in one’s mouth. It has to be in the place of an incisor, perhaps requiring first the removal of one’s natural tooth. It is unattuned by the tooth leaving the mouth of the attuned.
Effect: The Golden Tooth keeps one’s mind always, perfectly clear. No matter the effect, they retain perfect clarity of mind. The tooth also appears, to anyone who looks at it, as if it is their own tooth. They are convinced, they do not even realize the thought is irrational, that the tooth is theirs, their own natural tooth that someone has in their mouth. The attuned’s other teeth slowly begin to blacken and rot if they are attuned for a period of consecutive years.
Attuned to: Florian Cap (User maintains ownership of multiple artifacts -- User can only be attuned to one artifact at a time)

Name: The Bleeding Goblet
Description: A goblet carved of obsidian, ancient in origin.
Effect: Whenever someone tries to drink from the goblet, it unerringly cuts the lip of the person drinking it, by design. However, whatever liquid is placed into the goblet and then stirred slightly (such as just by moving the goblet) will cause the liquid to change into a sort of ambrosia. It assumes a deep red color that spreads through it from some indeterminate point like a drop of dye until the entire drink is a strange, opaque maroon. Pouring the liquid out into another container causes it, upon passing the lip of the goblet, to turn back into whatever liquid it was before instantaneously. But, drinking from it directly (and cutting one’s lip in the process) allows one to drink of the ambrosia. It is the single greatest tasting drink one will ever enjoy in their life, and what’s more, a single goblet’s worth of the stuff is enough to make even the hardiest person to become suddenly drunk as a skunk moments after drinking it.
Attuned to: Gilligan Samwych

Name: Ring of Intelligence
Description: A small ring of native aluminum ore, polished.
Effect: Upon attuning to the ring, the player must select one personality trait that is negative of their character. The ring amplifies this personality trait much more than it would have been before. This could be something repressed like a secret sense of greed, or an arrogant character can become even more arrogant than they were before, for example. At the same time, their general intelligence increases substantially. This is not intelligence in any particular field, and can be portrayed by the player in whatever way they think is appropriate. Taking off the ring for any reason unattunes it.
Attuned to: CloakedReaper

Name: The Shield of Captain Underdark
Description: An extremely crude, unwieldy and poorly balanced shield about the size of a tower shield.
Effect: The shield is able to absorb into itself extremes of temperature. The effect is so powerful that it will actively sap the heat or cold out of the environment in a nine meter radius around it. This effect only triggers on sources of heat or cold that are either well below zero, or about the temperature of fire. On the note of traditional combat, the shield is utterly atrocious for it, because any blow will either shatter the shield or just pierce through it. However, the shield will regrow from its largest piece, as long as it is subjected to an extreme of temperature for a period of many days.
Attuned to: James Varyn TheDeester

Name: Harvester’s Eye
Description: An intricately cut and polished corundum gem the size of a fist.
Effect: Once per OOC week, the attuned may see through the eyes of the nearest applicable animal (Those being: bird, bat, rodent, feline, canine, deer, bear, or other non-sentient creature. No insects or bugs.) If there are plausibly multiple animals nearby which could be “closest” roll a dx to determine which animal the attuned gains the perception of. They merely spectate, and the effect lasts for approx. 15 minutes but can be cut short with a minimal amount of concentration. Can be unattuned by attuning the eye to someone else, or by storing the eye secluded for a single week.
Attuned to: Kam Kamaoe & Florian Cap (There are two eyes) (User maintains ownership of multiple artifacts -- User can only be attuned to one artifact at a time)

Name: The Chain of Evermore
Physical Description: A thin silver and elven forged chained bracelet.
Ability: The wearer will have a dreamless and nightmare-less night unless they are cursed by Divine or Arcane means. Can be used per night.
Attuned to: Arcana Arcana

Name: Tyrannical Mace
Description: A normal flanged mace, except that the wooden length of the weapon is carved in runes.
Effect: When attuned, the mace inspires in its wielder the desire to dominate those around them. This can manifest in any number of ways, depending on the player’s choice - perhaps the character is of an imperial mind and wants to take over entire peoples. Perhaps the character is satisfied with just a smug satisfaction that they could take on any man if they wanted to, but they don’t want to. The mace can not leave the possession of the attuned unless the artifact holder is defeated in combat.
Attuned to: Jaden JoeJoe (User maintains ownership of multiple artifacts -- User can only be attuned to one artifact at a time)

Item name: Metal Bee
Item description: A small casting of a bee in bronze. Approximately 3 inches in length.
Item effect: As a constant effect, a swarm of bees will be attracted to and follow the attuned around. They seem to aid in pollinating flowers around the attuned’s living space and help the attuned in beekeeping without becoming stung. They disappear when indoors, in extreme temperatures and when the attuned is in combat. But new ones will return in attraction when the attuned returns to reasonable climates. Cannot be used to harm others.
In the posession of: Ventare Seymour ShaolinPunk
Attuned to:

Item name: Detection Amulet
Item description: An amulet of a serpent eating it’s own tail, with a gem in the center that’s carved with the image of an emberlark.
Item effect: When an arcane mage is within 20 feet of the amulet and casting an active spell it will glow to alert the attuned that a spell is being cast. (Does not alert around passive spells) Usable once per day. If someone casts around it, it’ll alert and be inert the rest of the day.
Attuned to: Gerry McIvy
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Name: Incandescence
Physical Description: Sword engraved with 'Truth Illuminates' and 'Truth will Prevail' in Old Arcturian.
Ability: At will, the blade may glow with an inner radiance sufficient to light his surroundings. When glowing, the sword may also cast the weekly use of [Sunburst] from it as if the other conditions were met. In this case, contact must be made between the sword and the intended target, at which point the sword flashes brightly and does the smite.
Update: When invoked, its glow now manifests as pale flames that burn at creatures unenlightened by truth. Those true and noble of faith need not fear its heat. (Acts as if the blade is ablaze when used against entities and heretics, does not affect objects or non-heretical mortals.)

Attuned to:

Name: Luminescence
Physical Description: A halberd with blade and spikes reminiscent of an artist's wavy depiction of sunlight.
Ability|Elucidate: Subjects an area to the truth of the Light, revealing lies and deception.
-A target within 5 meters makes a DC 15 check. On failure, the target is compelled to either speak only relevant truth in response to questions of the wielder, or remain silent. This effect lasts up to five minutes IC, so long as the target remains within the radius.
-Luminescence now causes everything within its radius of effect to glow with a dim radiance when its active is used.
-Any illusions within the five meter radius melt away for the duration. If against arcane spells, works up to Adept level spells.
-Can be used every three days.
Attuned to: Pod Flanders

Name: Tree of Shalherana
Physical Description: A large Birch tree with glowing fruits located in the center of Blackstone's Cathedral.
Ability: (Passive only)
- Positive modifier in contacting Shalherana (Depends on the impact of Divines in the world)
- May ward off Corruption within a subtle radius of 300 blocks
Attuned to: An island in the upper left corner of the Eastern Continents ("Blackstone") DraconDarknight
(location is 8922, 59,15630)

Name: Sigil of Shalherana
Physical Description: A remarkably beautiful yet eerie yellow rose. The rose rarely blooms, staying in an apparent state of hibernation.
- The flower blooms when it senses Corruption around a range of 20 blocks. If the threat abates, the flower goes back into its state of hibernation.
- The flower requires neither sunlight nor nutrients to sustain life; it continually lives no matter its conditions.
Attuned to: Daeron Eldrin Jstar[/spoiler]

Name: Forgemaster's Hammer
Physical Description: A perfectly-shaped smith's hammer bearing immaculate geometric scrimshaw. Korog's sigil is impressed on the side.
Ability: Works produced using the hammer and Korog's boon are incredibly resilient to damage.
Unmoving: When activated while within 20 blocks of the hammer, the Forgemaster's Hammer becomes immovable by any means for up to five minutes. Unless willed to end early, it will remain at whatever point in space it started the effect at. Usable once every other day.
Attuned to: Thordil Jazzper (User maintains ownership of multiple artifacts -- User can only be attuned to one artifact at a time)

Name: Once
Physical Description: An Arrow with green and white feathers.
Ability: Given by Theodra years past. If shot, it will find its mark. One use only.
Attuned to: Somnastra Somnastra

Name - Huntress's Thread
Description - A silvery, slender bowstring that seems to offer some guidance to arrows flung with it. It seems to possess some will of its own, freely shifting to string bows of any size. Rolls against monsters, beasts, or other event foes gain a +3 modifier.
Attuned to -

Name: Gambler's Coin
Physical Description: A golden Radiant coin, bearing the image of a grinning man on one side.
Ability: When included in a bet resolved by rolling in game, the owner can roll twice and consider the higher roll to be their result in-character. If the bet is lost, ownership and attunement is transferred to the winner. If stolen or otherwise lost outside of gambling it, the owner will find the coin back in their possession within a few days. How fortunate! Grants +1 to gambling rolls made while in the possession of the owner, up to a maximum of what's available on the dice used.
Attuned to: Cymic Cymic_

Name - The Black Egg of Vata'inu
Physical Description - A small black egg with hues of dark teal. Patterns shift under moonlight. The shell is thick and can fit into a palm.
Ability - Once per day, the egg will allow its holder a roll (DC 10) to see past one illusion spell - arcane or divine. They can see things as they really are.
Attuned to - Tevis Warwolf

Name - The Opal Ring
Physical Description - A bright, round opal within a silver setting. The silver band is thin, but holds a delicate pattern embossed into the metal. On the inside is an engraving: "I will never forget Corbenic." { x }
Ability - When the attuned looks into the stone, it whispers into their mind, "You have the most beautiful eyes." It can only be heard by the attuned.
Attuned to - Sheila Sominus Cor bettemus99

Name - Necromancer's Emblem
Description - A skull-shaped necklace with an intimidating presence.
Abilities - Every other day the wearer may target a creature in sight, which must roll a d20 against a DC 14. If it is not successful, the creature is terrified of the wearer for one minute, and is strongly inclined to flee from them. Applies to players and monsters capable of emotions, including undead.
Attuned to - Iskvandar Vincentius

Name - Death's Staff
Description - Gnarled staff the pale color of old bones, bearing a balancing skull motif on its head. Contact with undead leaves them lifeless once more.
Abilities - Destroy Undead | Conviction (Every other day) | Reap
Attuned to - Ashna Solus

Name - Frost Rose
Description - An impossibly red rose that for now seems to defy withering. Its other attributes are unknown. May be planted
Attuned to - N/A. Under care of Linden

Name - Charmer's Lyre
Description - A well-crafted lute with silver inlay that seems to hum a whisper-faint melody when not being played.
Ability - When played, those that hear it must roll against a DC 15 to avoid having their attention drawn to the tune. Those that fail are considered distracted, and are less likely to notice things happening in their surroundings. Any sort of visible violence or threat around the target interrupts the effect, and those afflicted may re-roll against the effect every IC minute. (Those that succeed are immune to its effects for the next IC hour)
Attuned to - Linden RagingLunacy

Name: Slumberling Idol
Description: A small wooden idol of a sleeping bear.
Special Attunement: Sleeping with the idol in your possession. To unattune, dunk the idol in water to wake it up (the idol doesn’t actually wake up. the idol is always asleep).
Effect: An idol that, after attuning to someone over the course of a day, will utterly refuse to allow someone to fall asleep. Over the course of the day after they have attuned, they will grow slowly more tired, until eventually that perception of being tired stops and leaves them in a vaguely dazed state. They feel tired, but they can’t sleep, and they are uncoordinated and suffer the usual effects of staying up for as long as they have stayed up while attuned. It is physically impossible for them to fall asleep. The attuned is able to sleep once they have unattuned to the idol.
Attuned to: Thordil Jazzper (User maintains ownership of multiple artifacts -- User can only be attuned to one artifact at a time)

Name: Wendigo Hide
Description: A perfectly preserved wendigo hide that fits awkwardly on anyone that adorns it, like it was originally made for someone with an inhuman anatomy as a poncho.
Effect: The wendigo parka keeps the wearer completely dry from rain or snow, even if they are not entirely covered. The user is warmed or cooled appropriately so that they are closer to comfort levels (keeps cool or warm within reason) in various weather conditions. Wendigo hide always fits awkwardly, no matter who is wearing it or how -- somehow it just can't fit quite right.
Attuned to: Kiljadin Baron2537

Name: - Lantern
Description: Masterwork lantern with metal frame and glass.
Effect: The lantern itself is always ice cold, except for the flame. The lantern wicks heat from its environment, to fuel its light. The flame spontaneously lights when wielded by the attuned, and can not be lit otherwise.
Attuned to: Jaden JoeJoe (User maintains ownership of multiple artifacts -- User can only be attuned to one artifact at a time)

Name: Iridescent Crown
Physical Description: A golden crown that shimmers faintly in the light. Its surface is shaped like roaring flames, which seem to dance on their own.
Ability: Instills the user with confidence and offers helpful advice.
Attuned to: Destroyed

Name: Withering Talon
Physical Description: A necklace, with a chain of thick, dark iron links. Again in dark iron, the 'pendant' is what resembles a raven's claw/foot. [x]
The one in physical contact to it will slowly take on the appearance of undeath with the following: +Skin pales, weight loss, they look gaunt, vaguely skeletal and have less of an appetite than normal. +They are less sensitive to touch, but more sensitive to light.
If not worn, it still carries these symptoms: +Any living plants around it begins to decay if in the area for too long (unless outside the area of the wards, in which the decay is more rapid). +People and animals alike feel sickly but it's no more than a nasty case of the flu - unless they're exposed to it for more than an OOC week and it becomes a severe illness.
AoE: 20 blocks
Attuned to/In Contact with: Shattered
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