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Secretly Niah
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I've never done one before, and I've left it a bit too late (maybe), but I'll go ahead anyway and see how it goes. Basically you do art, and receive art, that is revealed on Christmas. Or the day before, maybe, depending. Fill out the form below to enter, so people who may get you to do art for have a kind of idea. You should absolutely be able to do art in order to enter, that's kind of a given. I'll try to match people fairly.

I'll make conversations with folk when they're matched with people, and I'd like it if the art was sent in those conversations to me first so I can reveal it all on the day. : )

The deadline for submitting finished art to me is December 23rd.

Character(s) you'd like drawn: Up to three characters total. Include your character profiles so there are some references and things.
Media Used: The media YOU use, traditional or digital.
Preferred Art: What art are YOU willing to do, sketch, loose colouring, painting? Portrait, or fullbody?

1- Elz - x
2- Samwych - x
3- Spooksy
4- Sami - x
5- Electric - x
6- Charybdis - x
7- Galaxy
8- Raal - x
9- Smurf
10- Kam - x
11- Forest
12- Bart/Poof - x
13- Solus - x
14- MelodyComplex - x
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Survivor of Five Rivers
Character(s) you'd like drawn: Gilligan Kearney, my special boy. Heres his profile!
Media Used: Digital!
Preferred Art: shaded/color bust

EDIT: Gill recently got tree arms/legs and I'm in the process of updating all of my stuff to show that, but heres a ref of his limbs for good measure:
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Lord of Altera
Character(s) you'd like drawn: Asero Crow : )
Media Used: Traditional
Preferred Art: A sketch that’ll be inked and then colored via color pencil, a la my two recent drawings - Full body or portrait. [x] [x] [x]
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Screaming Cat
Character(s) you'd like drawn: Vashti {x} or this concept I have {x}
Media Used: digital
Preferred Art: looseish semi rendered half body or portrait or bust
note: may be out of town near Christmas so will do ahead of time if able
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Legend of Altera
Character(s) you'd like drawn: Rai, since she's the only one with a character profile
Media Used: I usually use traditional sketching, but I can also do digital!
Preferred Art: I can use colored pencil for shading if traditional, I usually like to do full bodies or faces. I will do busts though.
Note: While I am pretty good, I would not consider myself to be super super art person. I don't take classes or anything.


Lord of Altera
Character(s) you'd like drawn: Johanna
Media Used: Uh digital.
Preferred Art: Portrait, maybe bust up. Similar style to the OP of this thread. I’d prefer to stick to basic human/elf/other less fantastical creatures, male/female for the sake of producing decent content for the person
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The Green One
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Character(s) you'd like drawn: Kam, Olga, or Jaspis. (Would've put Ansfrid, but he has no refs and that's no very fair.)
Media Used: Digital
Preferred Art: Portrait/bust in this style, will do a plain and colored version: X X


The Artisan
What do you mean matching people 'fairly'? Art is art, is it not? I'd rather enter when it's all randomized than when one person links good artists to what they consider other good artists and the one they consider bad artists get linked too :( Or do you mean that sketches get linked to sketches and full coloring paintings to paintings? I confoose

Character(s) you'd like drawn: The Fool <--- link
Media Used: Traditional, digital, or mixed.
Preferred Art: Any of these; Portrait, full body, full body in scenery, probably grey scales when I'm drawing traditional

Amazing idea Elz ! This is really fun and bless you for thinking of it!
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Secretly Niah
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Fairly as in I'll probably do mostly random but not get a sketch matched with a full colour piece, just to try and keep things kinda even. All art is really, really different and I don't want to be a judge on art quality, but I can try to do something regards to more fairly timed pieces or something. :)