Asking staff for help with events


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Welcome in the world of hosting events!

Hosting events can be a very inspiring, interesting and time consuming activity...
It's an activity in which you learn a lot, for instance organizing, building and writing a story-line...
There is a lot of space to be ambitious and to fantasize about your event...

Hosting an event causes you to be active both online, by building the scenery and discussing the event with your friends, and offline, while thinking of the story, the hosting of the event and stuff you can add to your quest or event. In my opinion the feeling of satisfaction after finishing your event cannot be matched by anything else in game. :)
Sometimes you might think of a very special idea that involves things you have no permissions for. To encourage players to host events, @Faelin gave me the advice to make a thread like this.
Here you can request anything out of the ordinary* that you might need for the event, which you are planning to host. The staff will then check and try to see if there is anything they can do to assist.

A role as a member of the staff is to supply you with the means to host events, these means are materialistic as well as to make it fit with lore or to make the story-line and general idea of your event as good as possible. You can see them as an adviser. I'm also occupied with organizing and hosting events myself, as well as to encourage people to host events and I also try to attend them myself.

Have fun organizing your own event. :D
If you ever need anything, you now know where to go to, leave a reply for any request in this thread. If you would like to keep it secret, send me a personal message.

* = Note: It says, "Out of the ordinary". We will not supply building material you can gather yourself.


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... I have a few requests. This is a great thread.

For an upcoming planned event I'm working on organizing, I'd need plenty of spawn eggs and some assistance with redstone workings, if possible. I can't spoil too much, but if it gets completed, it'll be an event for the ages! Start a conversation privately if you can help, admins.
I'd advise you start a convo with me listing everything you plan to use. Excessive spawning of eggs etc. I will have to bar from being provided.
You'd also need to to describe your plan- though I can probably point you towards a few redstone-wizards we have.


Hey everyone, I would really like to get an event or something going where we get people, over the course of how long it takes the undead to reach them, to dig out trenches along the plains leading to Havonen and then Tambry. The trenches will be used to deter/lower the number of undead that are incoming to those areas. Then it can be used to help build fortifications by getting sturdy wooden structures that are hollow, then filling them with said dirt from trenches to make sure they aren't going anywhere. It's like the classic moat against a wall trick so it takes double the Z's to get over.

I was told I would have to own a region in order to build in it since it will be outside of pre-existing regions, but is that the case for this? I don't exactly have the $ yet to buy a zone for this, but really wanted to start an event to get to know a handful of people better while stirring up some good RP. I am also a part of the Hawklights, and have been given permission to pursue this idea. I assume I can get some support from them, but I would greatly appreciate any other help/feedback if this is even do able.