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Finished [Aug 30] The Pits of Magic - Act I


An Alteran Bard
The Pits of Magic - Act I
To attend this player-campaign event, you require Optifine with Dynamic Lighting


After hearing disturbing rumors, you sit down with an elderly man who seems trustworthy enough:
"The Pits of Magic have been opened, that much is clear from recent rumors and uncovered knowledge.
What does this mean for you and I? I dare not say, though I know everyone will be affected.
What is true of the rumor of extremists known by the name of The Scales? I fear more than desirable.
Stop them before they start! There is only one wretched place in our holy world that they could be hiding out.
Yes, as always, once more unto the fray; to Nid Arach!"

~ V I O L E N T ~
Find out more about this campaign through the rumors thread and threads with the [Pits of Magic] tag in the title.

Relevant Threads:
Surfaced Parchment

Date & Time
30th of August - 21:30h GMT+2 / 3.30 pm EST

Starting location:
The border of Nid Arach on the road to Storm's Landing

Sign up [16]:
(Unfortunately, 10 is the max of my DM capabilities)
(I'll do a lottery to determine the order of who gets to join in and who'll be on the reserve list if sign-ups exceed 10)
(I'll go with first come first served basis again. Worked this far)
Julianne - Purgatoris
Podric - Luam
Ventare - Shao
Ardaric - Tideborne
Leo - Shankster
Kopii - Omikuji
Milah - Jazzper
Garrett - Galaxy
Vulrye - Olligreen
Jocasta - Blorbis83
Jerr'co - Tot
Uriel - BoredBrit
Kethron - Heie
Cassia - MelodyComplex
Kaarina - Yuki_The_Witch.
Helena - Elz

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An Alteran Bard
If it doesnt get approved is the event still gonna happen? You should wait for approval before posting so you dont build hype for something that possibly wont go through right?
It'll still go through, it's just that it'll be one event instead of a series :) I just need to reserve this date too


An Alteran Bard
It has been approved, we are a go. Sign-ups have started. I will be doing a lottery as to who gets to go if there are more than 10 people signing up!