Finished [August 4th @ 4PM EST] Undeath Persecuted - The Eighth Excursion


Lord of Altera

Verum Illuminat et Veritas Praevalebilt.
Thou shalt burn the dead so they might not rise as demons, or worse!

With time and preparation, the Shrine to Synnove within the Frontier is readied for another battle with Skraag's fiends. A call is put out once more for volunteers to fight against that which caused the destruction of the Old Lands.
A note to be made, regarding this event, that Podric has done his best to antagonize Skraag and Skraag's demons in the days and weeks leading up to this particular battle. Swaths of Undead are sought out and cut down, then burnt on pyres. Meanwhile, pieces of parchment find themselves on dead trees or within the small hamlets of the Frontier, each bearing the Cross of Synnove, and a simple message, seemingly directed at Skraag itself-
"You are irrelevant. The
Sun is eternal. Send a champion to face me, Corpse."

Religious Leader: Podric Flanders
Public or Private: Private - PM me or post here if you'd like to join.
Temples or Shrines Involved: The Frontier Ring-Shrine.

Where: The Frontier [Ignis Shrine]
When: Sunday, August 4th @ 4PM EST/9PM GMT/1PM PST
What: Another attack on Skraag's Demons via angering them to attack the Ring Shrine. A sermon to the Lightbringer will follow.
Classification: Violent, however, unless the DM states otherwise, character death is entirely up to you.
Tags: BoredBrit Solus Elz

Party: {As stated above, PM me or ask here if you want to be added, however, I hold the right to allow or deny anyone who asks.}
1] Podric @Myself
2] Uriel BoredBrit
3] Jaden CloakedReaper
4] Ayda Ayda
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A few identical pieces of parchment are found to be tacked upon some of the dead trees underneath the posters above. Its tone is mocking.

Your ignorance is amusing. Skraag is inevitable.
Your fear feeds him and through it, he grows stronger.

Go on. Slay some rotting, and dead corpses.
Does that give you solace ...? Does that fill you with pride ...?

But seeing as your endeavors entertains me, I,
The Skull, will stand as Skraag's champion.
Give me a time and a day to face you, and I will be there.

Come get me, sunshine.

A heart is drawn at the bottom of each as a final insult to Podric.
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Lord of Altera
As Niko returns, hefting a bag of groceries from the list his wife barked at him, he catches sight of the above poster. He stops and stares for a few moments and shakes his head.

"... Young people these days."

Having set his groceries down, he pulls out a charcoal pencil and approaches the poster. He begins commenting on it and it follows like so.

"Your parents' attic is less comfortable than you think. Get a job."

Niko hefts the grocery bags up once more and heads to his home.