Ban Appeal - Azio Cors [Denied - Ghost]


I think I might like it here
I'd like to appeal to my ban, which took place continuously over a period of a month. I had the tendency to constantly swear and accidentally swear in ooc at times. Though everything was my fault, I do, and I mean I do, take full responsibility for my constant swearing in ooc.

Another issue came up, with speaking about personal info and issues with players in local chat, though I admit it was inappropriate, I have reread the rules, and clarified all my misunderstandings. I spoke with staff to further clarify any other questions I had, and take further responsibility for anything I do.

I do however, thank the fact that I was given another chance with a temp ban. Since I was in the middle of some important business.....

I'll remember to keep irp swearing in rp chat, and keep all swearing into oblivion, while refraining from personal conversations with other players.

The Living Ghost

Thing One
Retired Staff
We are sorry that it has taken this long to address your ban appeal.

That is how you apologise for something, by addressing the issue, and then saying sorry. You can accept all the responsibility you want, since it is only you that should, but not once in your barebones attempt at an appeal is an apology. We know that it is you that is responsible for your mistakes, perhaps if you were sorry about them we would consider this appeal further.

As for addressing your issues, you have failed to do so. Mentioning your 'personal conversations' and 'constant swearing' does not come close to addressing your inappropriate language and sexual comments. For the time being, go and think on this, and further down the road, try composing a serious attempt at an appeal, so that we can start to discuss your return.