Ban Appeal from Raphael_Payne [Unbanned-Immerael]


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As it stands after a multitude of months recooperating from the sickness incurred from early 2017 to late-- I'm here again after the absence in likely a good more of a half year of being sick and the like- though this does not at all excuse my behavior prior to my leave at all- rather I think it makes it worse that I ever considered in that time period to use such a sickness as an excuse.

I make this appeal not at all out of want to just rp and screw around again- but genuinely because I'm sad, and I was alittle distressed when a couple people started PMing me about a week or so ago? Yes- at any rate that's really not why I hit it off like that, it reminded me of some of the genuine crap I did. (cursin' aint something I'm accustomed to on forums that'd be rude in an appeal.) Honestly after reading up on some of the things I said on the forums I really was honestly an asshat. :L

The genuine stuff-storm with the Queensport peoples was pretty damn out of line, while I would've argued it back then I will not and cannot allow myself to argue it now-- I did wrong, said *a lot* of things that were wrong and I shouldn't have. An RP situation went wrong, I took OOC context way out of line, and messed up- that saddened me then, and it saddens me now- but more in the sense that I went so far as to be a genuine idiot way back when. (Breaking paragraphs.) Another being the incursion I had with the small faction I helped build up, a genuine failure of communication and something I take responsibility for, and admit to the actions that led up to said situation.

In addendum to this, my genuine sorrow is extended to all those involved that not only dealt with that specific situation- but anyone that had to ever deal with me in such a light. I've done my best to change genuinely and apologize for what I was then, and hope humbly that you all would accept me into this community again. I am not only ready for that, but should it be accepted- that any imposing things I would be willing to accept. I'm hoping here you all see the difference between then and now - that's it from me.

- Raphael_Payne, Darkwood, Payne, and uhhhh (all 20 other of my name changes ;-; )

I apologize also in advance for all of my names-
my alt is 'Blackruze' aswell.
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After some discussion we have decided to unban you. However you will have to reapply here, as you have been gone so long you were unwhitelisted. As per the rules on player alts for unwhitelisted players found here, you will be limited to one account for one month. At that point you may apply to have your alts rewhitelisted to the server by approaching any staff member.