Ban appeal. Involvement. [Unbanned]

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This afternoon I was going on with my daily routine until my friend started talking about how he is a noble. At first I thought he was just joking around because amalfia is noble free duo to the sudden slaughter with anhald and our new Doge. So I just tried ignoring him and continuing on with my day. Then he ask me to invite him to house kincaid. As I never invited him before (the house I'm apart of) so I sent him a invitation and he accepted it. The house received 20k for being the first house he joined. Then my leadership in house kincaid transferred to my friend without my doing. (It should belong to egur but I think he changed hes minecraft username) I then started to freak out a little bit. So I talked on the ooc chat saying stuff like. Hey I didn't do that. Then the house leadershiped transferd back to me.Then I think elz or lady_Alec teleported to us as they just got here house leaders of different houses switch. Then I got banned on my main account. I then signed in on my alt account to inform lady_Alec of the command that my friend used to switch stuff with the house settings. (He messaged me on skype) so then I got banned on that account too.


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Both accounts were online for a while, you were roleplaying on it after I'd banned your main. Again, all the logs will show what was said and when, but we're sifting through it and trying to find the problems at hand currently. Locking until a formal response is given, just like the other one.
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