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I've made a transition from drawing character portraits to drawing out Roleplays I've been in. So I thought it'd be suitable to start a new art thread. Especially since I'm drawing for multiple characters and I'd like to have all these drawings in one place :) Hope you enjoy!

Kublai adventure with Isaac.jpg
In this Roleplay, Isaac (Joseph12Q 's character) rescued my character Kublai from an underwater cave. He was emoting using the belts to attach me to his back, and I was skeptical whether it would work. Then he rolled a d20/20 and thus saved Kublai's life! At that roll, I told him: I'm gonna draw this RP!

The meeting of McKenna.jpg
I drew this RP, because I wanted to figure out how the pillars at Burglarsquare would look. I also just saw this scene in front of me, with a bored Kublai laying in the grass, waiting for Isaac to return from exploring. Thought it was nice to draw.

The finding of proper stone small2.png
I drew this one after RPing with Kamaoe 's character Olga Stonecutter. In this picture you see her with a piece of stone. In the RP, she looked at some exposed stone to figure out whether we could start a quarry here. Leoric Packman, my character, has no knowledge on geology at all, so he was fascinated by it. In the picture you see him scribbling down some notes in his book.

Kublai selling fish.jpg
This RP happened after the Fishing Competition event on the 9th of December. After having a lot of fun with the people who attended the event, I was left with about 40 fish in my inventory. I decided to go with SirLuamTehDoge to the local tavern in Storm's Landing and try to sell the fish in RP. My character didn't know what kind of fish he caught, nor the price, so I couldn't sell a single fish. But Tyr, Liam's character, was having a blast watching that awkward stupid Dwarf trying to sell fish!

Kublai vs Arbori smaller.png
This RP was amazing, lead by Solus and Snerus and Estes241 as DM's. Tied to this event:
We ended up fighting monsters of which the lore was yet to be released!!

Kublai vs Chaoscreature small.jpg As part of the initiation for the Dark Order, initiates have to create a creature that would sow chaos in a town. These beasts are made from flesh and bone and reek of death and decay. Here's Kublai and Dunrad smashing one of these creatures into pieces!

Kublai Kullc.jpg
A new portrait of Kublai. Finally got it accurate in the way I think he looks like :)
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OH WEE!!! I GOT A DRAWING PAD FOR CHRISTMAS!! It's Kublai :D the new and the old one of almost 2 years ago
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haha that was the idea! I read the RP-thoughts and that he didn't like how this distracted him from his brewing and decided to draw him like this
I actually imagined him to be quite badass, welcoming the challenge of fighting a giant crab until the crab was easily defeated--- THEN he was pissed off because he just remembered his brew and the kettle was missing!

New avatar, mind you. I'm still happy xD