Bartolini drawings [>_> got divine breasts]


The Artisan
That's all of em! This was a lot of fun to do. I'm going on a roadtrip tomorrow if everything goes well (My friends' car broke and the garage is closed atm :( ) so I will continue drawing similar things in a week :)


Settling in Altera
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Some say that the God Jishrim does not exist. That the chaos which ensues in Jishrim's wake is not as much the doing of a divine, as rather the absence of divine action. The theory goes that the things which are ascribed as caused by Jishrim are in fact those things that the Gods have overlooked. It is a taste to all that lives of what their world would be like if there were no Gods: Chaos, Despair, Plagues. For if they were truly the work of a God, then what is there to gain in such thing? That would truly be madness, for every God has a purpose that in some way may be interpreted as for the betterment of a group. The opposition of this theory points out that Jishrim is also the God of Trickery, and therefor this very theory could be of His divine machination.

What do you think of this theory?
2 more Gods to go!​
Kinda reminds me of Ungoliant!