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-] Beacons [-

Beacons are ancient creations of the Immortal Kings, who granted these tools to their creations to help defend against the ancient demons known as Sorrows. However, the knowledge was lost over the ages to the point where the crafting of such wonders was deemed completely lost. The remaining beacons in the world often became the centers of religious institutions, and became incorrectly identified as a religious artifacts.

Beacons of old burned bright, arcane light that can disrupt sorrows. They drew from leyline power to create a highly powerful beam, capable of charging magical properties and destroying matter that came in contact with it for too long. However, this power is only available to beacons that have a true nether star at its core.

Over years of study, a group of scholars, enchanters, and jewelers were able to recreate the guise of a beacon with the use of gemstones and enchanting tables. Facsimiles of nether stars can only be crafted by exceptionally skilled artisans from semi precious stones such as; Lapis, sapphires, Rubies, diamonds and the like.

These facsimiles must be crafted by expert craftsmen on the surface of an enchanter’s table, or else the attempt to create the beacon will fail, resulting in the destruction of the materials including the complete destruction of the semi precious stone used as a replacement nether star. If successful, these facsimiles are able to create a colored beam of light similar in appearance to ancient beacons. These lights are far more gentle, and are even described as pleasantly warm to those who interact with the light.

The difference between the netherstar core, and the facsimile, is that these new crafts act as a lure for widespread elemental pacts. When properly crafted to replicate an old beacon, and with a properly constructed residence underneath, the new beacon will begin to draw in young air elementals and give the surrounding area small boons. The small elementals within the beacon passively draw in the essence, energy, and memories of those around them, as well as utilize unobstructed access to the leylines as a means to grow. This arrangement will help the air elementals to thrive as mortals develop a desire to return, thanks to the effects given to the area. The area of effect is largely determined by the nature of the mount of the conduit, or residence, and can differ in strength and distance depending on how it has been constructed. And even though enchanting tables are used as a basis for crafting these precious facsimile cores, the crafter does not experience the same toll as would an enchanter because the fascimile is not the residence. It is the lure.

As for what the elemental takes from those within its radius, it is much less noticeable than directly enchanting an item. Once within a residence, the elemental draws power from many people at once, rather than solely an enchanter. Those that linger for long periods of time may forget their train of thought from time to time, or misplace their coins out of forgetfulness. A nearly imperceptible phenomenon, give how common such things are.

-] The Elemental Pacts [-

Beacons, if built with a large enough mount, can form a more solid residence for the elementals and allow for more powerful entities to enter into it. Different arrangements attract different caliber of elementals, and varying strengths. These possibilities are dictated by the design of the beacon and the residence, and can be modified even after creation so long as the delicate gemstone core is not damaged in the process.

The five primary pacts are:

  • Speed I: Increased movement speed. An air elemental attaches itself to the host and helps the host in moving from place to place. Giving them a short but sustained push through the area of the beacon’s effect.
  • Haste I: Increased mining and attack speed. Another air elemental attaches it to the host but instead of giving them increased movement, it increases the speed at which the subject can swing various tools. Be them weapons or pickaxes.
  • Resistance I: Decreased nearly all incoming damage, Another Air Elemental bonds to the user, creating a small field of air that repulses the force of swings, attacks, and projectiles towards the user. This weakens blows against the host effectively making themselves more resilient to damage of all kinds.
  • Jump Boost I: Increased jumping distance and height. An air elemental bonds to the host’s legs, giving an increase to the ability to jump and land effectively, giving a minor boost to the launch and slowing descent slightly. The host feels lighter while in the radius of the beacon.
  • Strength I: Increased melee damage. A slightly more mature air elemental bonds with the hosts arms and weapons. They aid the user in giving an increased burst of power to blows upon contact by parting the air and eliminating air resistance.
Secondary powers are available with a 4-level pyramid:

  • Regeneration I: Regenerates health. The beacon and elementals seems to channel so much essence from the area that the air itself thrums with purity and invigoration. Breathing the air is similar to a regeneration potion's effect over time, but the increased metabolism from the potion seems mitigated in this scenario.
  • Increase the primary power to level II. The beacon is powerful enough to allow even more mature versions of the elementals to cross the barrier into our world, granting a more powerful boon to the hosts in the area.

-] The Residence [-

The residence, or the mount, is the structure beneath the beacon itself, which helps to keep the facsimile in tact and houses the elementals exist within it. It is an extension of the beacon itself, but not essential for the base function of the beacon. However, with its addition, the beacon is more powerful and establishes the ability for larger and more experienced entities to remain within it for longer. Generally speaking, the larger the mount, the more powerful an elemental it can house. There comes a point, however, when such facsimiles cannot properly contain more powerful entities.

The mount is constructed out of material that is capable of functioning as conduits for energy, and when connected to the beacon, draws from various sources previously mentioned. It is for this purpose that the the beam, must have an unobstructed view of open air to better pull in essence, energy, and experiences towards the lure.

Note: Very few mortals are aware of the specifics of how these works. Experienced enchanters may recognize similarities, whereas evicsts may notice the energy being pulled in. Animancers in particular would have a stronger awareness of what occurs within the residence.

Immerael for proposal writeup
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NIAH for extrapolation and arranging
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OOC Note: There has been debate on how to release Netherstars into the world again. We have decided in Roleplay- Skilled Artisan Enchanters can craft some version them. Oocly- Facsimiles of Nether Stars can be purchased by seeking out "Hank" in one of the NPC shops in Storm's Landing, in one of the northern most buildings in the farms. They come with a set price.

Upon building ones Beacon, we recommend using colored glass blocks to place on top so that it may illuminate which gem was used to create the facsimile nether star. ie- Fascimile of a Ruby Nether Star would require a red or dark-red colored glassblock to be placed on top. Non colored ones will be considered to be crafted with 'Opal'.
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