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Active Bernhart Hohenstein


Exitus acta probat

“There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as 'moral indignation,' which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue.”


ame: Bernhart Hohenstein
Titles: None of note
Age: Forty-four years old
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Homeland: A small, insignificant village somewhere in the forests of the north. A poor place without renown or even notable name.
Current Residence: Linistel
Social Status: Walks a fine line between abject poverty and wealth.
Profession: Butler


Appearance: Bernhart could be described as traditionally handsome to the most male of standards. His face is without blemish, save for some of the early markings of his middle-age while grey eyes still twinkle with a spark of life and something else. The man is often without trace of emotion upon his face, be this due to a perceived lack thereof or due to clever disguising techniques on his behalf. He keeps his hair cut short, his face shaved smooth every morning without pause or fail. The man walks with a refinement of poise and step that further masks his poor upbringing.
Height: The gentleman stands at 6'1", the straight rigid posture and polite mannerisms he holds making him seem somewhat taller than he is.
Weight: He weighs in at about 138lbs.
Eye Colour: A steel grey, unflinching and calculating.

Skin: The man's skin is pale, highlighting his northern birth.
Distinguishing Features: The gait and mannerisms he holds mark him with an air of rigidity and may haps even severity. The handsome appeal of his features could be distinguishable, if one was to view him as handsome by their standards.
Build of Body: Bernhart professes a love of exercise, believing one's mind to only be as sharp as their health allows. To this end, he affords himself a small, albeit private, exercise regime. This regime does not afford him a hulking physique, but carefully calculated amounts of stamina and grace with thin albeit defined musculature.
Hair Colour: A charcoal black.
Hair Style: His hair is kept simply and efficiently styled.
Posture: As straight as a ruler.
Hygiene: Absurdly well cleaned, with scents of citrus and cedarwood clinging to his form in a subtle way.


- A wit of his mind
- A cunning of his spirit
- A knowledge of subterfuge, poisons and small arms
- Tranquility
- Silver-tongued
- A thirst for knowledge and all it could gain him or a hunger for gold and all it could gain him
- Avarice, albeit it is well disguised
- Pride, albeit not as well disguised
- Lack of martial prowess

Education: The education he holds his non-traditional. He professes to know a great many things, but all of his knowledge can be found in libraries and public bulletin. For now.
- Common
- Elvish
- Rede

General Attitude: Bernhart is quiet and calculating, preferring to never take center stage so often as he can help it. The man has a cold calculus upon his exterior, a constant sensation of some inexorable force exuding off of him in waves as he quietly assesses the room he is in, as well as its occupants. Beneath this, there is a somewhat kind gentleman with all the kindness and joy a person could expect to find in an average person, but even this kindness is masked and tinged with his disturbingly calm exterior. When he speaks, his voice is flat and without much emotion, his sentences methodical and well thought out. He does not, on the surface, seem to want for much.
Religious Inclination: [Redacted]
General Intelligence: High
General Sociability: He will speak to whomever engages him, but they may find his demeanour off-putting.

Temperament: Utterly tranquil, to the point where many in his past have questioned his emotional intelligence or perceived lack thereof.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Short Term Goals:
- Employment
Long Term Goals:
- Sated
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Exitus acta probat

“For avarice begins where poverty ends.”



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