Upcoming Beyond the Horizon [Aug 16th, 17th, 18th]


Lord of Altera

The sails are trimmed, the provisions are packed and last few barnacles are scraped off the hull. The 9th of Mistset marks the maiden voyage of the Wyvern, set to sail across the uncharted Eastern Seas. Tis a voyage of discovery and exploration reminiscent of now defunct Eyes of Silas. The crew shall plunge headlong into the unknown with courage and excitement. May Jax be merciful on these brave souls.

When: Set sail Aug. 9th, 18:00 EST - Voyage concludes Aug. 11th
Where: Start at Sanardu - travelling to Eastern Oceans
Rating: Violent
Public or Private: Publicized voyage but the crew has already been selected

(If you wish to stowaway, PM me and we can work something out)