Breaking rules - Punishments

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Lord of Altera
Here is a list of rules, that if they are broken, you will be banned for a certain amount of time. The permanent bans are intended as permanent bans, however you are given a time until you are allowed to appeal for rules broken.

Please note that receiving a permanent ban will mean that any donator perks will be removed from your account, please follow the rules.

Excessive Swearing - 2 Week Temp or Permanent Ban, depending on severity.
Can Appeal immediately

Griefing - Permanent Ban
Can Appeal immediately

Unconsented PVP - 2 day to 1 Week Temp Ban, Permanent if excessive
Can Appeal after 3 days (but will most likely be forced to wait it out if it's a temp.)

Creating or using a Mob Grinder - Permanent Ban
No Appeal for 2 weeks

Creating or using a Cobble Generators - Permanent Ban
No Appeal for 1 month, No Appeal for 3 months if you were warned before using one.

Using Xray - Permanent Ban
No Appeal for 1 month, if repeat offender, No Appeals.

Using Hacks - Permanent Ban
No Appeals

Excessive Trolling/Bullying - Permanent Ban
No Appeals

Explaining the Offenses:

Swearing: Self explanatory. Depending on severity or how it is said you can either get a warning or kick for it. This also applies to inappropriate language, though you wont get a warning for that, just instant ban.

Griefing: Placing and removing blocks without permission or with the intention of upsetting or annoying other players.

This is why we don't tolerate 1x1 towers and walls of lava, they're irritating to look at.

Unconsented PVP: Self explanatory, but if a player does not agree to fight, you cannot attack them. Players must both agree to duel before starting to attack each other. (This rule doesn't apply in the Sorrowlands)

Mob Grinder: A mob grinder is defined as making any form of contraption that will stop the monster from attacking you while you attack them. It doesn't have to have redstone or water to count as a grinder. Making a wall or tower to fend off mobs while traveling or mining is acceptable, but grinding over 20 mobs through a window is not acceptable.

Cobble Generators: First off, these are banned for a few reasons.
1. They're completely useless, we have three resource worlds, go mine stone there.
2. Redstone. These contraptions use a lot of redstone and risk lagging the server.
3. They're not good. Ever. :I
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