Brennard Westmay - Magus


Minecraft name: Dayshark.
Character name: Brennard Westmay.
Link to normal character profile: Click here.

Current Rank/Proficiency



Overall Rank:

Spell Points:

Active Student:

Active Teacher:


Jason of Breakwater - Eviscism.

Protege(s)(current rank):
- Marek Brume - (Journeyman) - Eviscism.
- Ced J'Sera - (Journeyman) - Eviscism.
- Azure Cerridwen - (Journeyman) - Eviscism.


Activated Focus:

Known Spells (names should contain a link to lore)(# of times cast):

- All of them.

Sustained Effects:
- If separated from his focus, the potential to encounter mild or extreme flux of temperature.

Current Magical Status:

- Teaching the next generation of Eviscists.
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Yes, that title says Magus. Yes, that title also says Adept. What's the deal?

I've been instated as the new Magus of Eviscism. Rygan can decide whether or not he wants to elaborate on why this is, though I'd nicely ask that nobody hounds him for an answer. I know a lot of people might question this decision and suspect bias. The truth is that I've been exposed to the lore behind the school the most in regards to others and my character was progressed furthest, so it was the most efficient solution without forcing a delay on the progress of Eviscism. I'm going to try my best to generate interesting RP opportunities not only for the existing apprentices, but ideally for others as well.

Furthermore, my character hasn't suddenly been ascended to the rank of Master on a whim with this OOC decision as justification. That's why the title is what it is. He still has to progress and learn himself, though at the same time, he's now the highest rank in this branch of magic - the responsibility of Magus and teaching Jason's apprentices therefore falls to him. He has a long way to go in terms of IC development, so please don't be worried about an all-powerful jackass coming to destroy your towns and kill your characters with a single look. I hope this comes as some form of reassurance and alleviates some concerns that may be there.

In the meantime, I also hope that this hasn't come as too much of a disappointment to anyone. Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask questions if you'd like further clarification.

This is not common knowledge IC.