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Upcoming Bright She Burns


I think I might like it here

Bright She Burns:

Elexana von Hardanger calls all Ignites to join her in completing the quest set out for her by Ignis herself. To build a large pyre in Ignis's honor and commit herself fully to her.

Where: Thorne
When: Friday the 20th
Status: Moderate and Semi-Private
Time: 7pm EST (4pm PST)

These times are not set in stone but rather a good judge of when I may host it

Feel free to reach out to me on discord if you would like to go, I am welcoming all Ignites to this event Blessed or not. If you are not an Ignite and still wish to go we can try and rp something to allow for you to go, though it is up to my discretion in the end. If you are not @ below and still wish to come PLEASE reach out this isn't an open event and I will not appreciate people showing up who I have either not invited or said is ok to come. I hope everyone can make it!

People who I hope can be there:
Divine Staff: Elz BoredBrit
Ignites: kaiser_harding JustTheEngineer Jase Solus Kata Morbid
Honorary Guests: Celestea The Cartoon Witch ugahari Ruu Darling I am Wake

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