[cancelled] Mining Contest!


The Artisan
(by jhillustrations)
Travelling to new Sorrow-lands, the rock is ready for the reaping.

A mining contest is to be held! To join, you agree to give 10% of your yield as an entree-fee to this contest.
The winner will get an Official Golden Pickaxe Trophy award and 10% from everyone's bounty of the earth!
Sign up and get that first place for extra mining yield out of the pockets of your fellow contestants!

We shall mine from certain coordinates in the sorrows and will continue to do so for a full 30 minutes.
Those who are not back at the starting point within 30 minutes will get a penalty of 50 points for each minute they are late, so be clever about your mining path!

You will be allowed 1 unenchanted diamond pickaxe, a crafting table and some wood.
If your diamond pickaxe breaks before the end, you'll be able to craft yourself new gear from your yield.
Cheating is for noobs, and if you do cheat with enchanted gear, it will surely be obvious from your score...

Item points:
Gravel and dirt: 0 points
All stone types: 1 point
Redstone: 5 points
Lapis Lazuli: 5 points
Coal: 5 points
Iron: 10 points
Iron ingot: 12 points
Gold: 20 points
Gold ingot: 22 points
Diamond: 50 points
Emerald: 50 points
(Did I forget any ores or yield?)

Sign-up form:
Reason for joining:
Why will you be the winner of this contest?:

Woopdeedoo let's have some fun!!

1st of February
21:00 GMT+1 // 3pm EST


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The Artisan
IGname: Bartooliinii
Reason for joining: Cause I like mining together with other people when I have the chance to earn even more for my time out there
Why will you be the winner of this contest?: Because I got an army of gnomes to help me out.


The Artisan
As this is not getting a lot of sign-ups, I think I'll cancel this event to clear some space for other people, as the time and date are often in high-demand.
No harm done, thought I try it and see who's interested!