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Current Thoughts/Status:
Slummin' it!

Given Name: Chives
Full Name: Chives Pefferaux
Nickname/Alias: Flowers, Crazy Lady
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Race: Caparii
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Social Status: Race: Vagrant
Homeland: The Northern Kingdoms
Current Home: --
Born: Wibble wobble
Died: --

Build: Somewhat soft in the hips, stomach. Lacking major muscle tone.
Hair: Black
Eye: Green
Skin: Pale, freckled. She sports a
floral tattoo, which runs up the left side of her ribcage. (beware of a small amount of side-breast in the ref photo.)
Identifying Features: Freckles
General Description: Chives sports a rounded face, somewhat plump perhaps from frivolous eating. Her expression is often glazed and bored, though she often does take great care to pay attention to the goings-on around her. She meanders seemingly without aim and does not appear to physically engage during conversation, looking generally lazy. Her build is somewhat stocky, but lacking any serious muscular tone.

Usual Attire: A white slip under a worn, brown dress. Often sporting a brass circlet, and a small beaten bag that rests at her hip, strapped around her shoulder.

Accessories: A brass circlet, a golden coin on a cord around her neck.

Hygiene: Bathing in rivers when possible.


Voice: [X] Tae Takemi

Seemingly lazy, bored, and somewhat apathetic.

+ Loss of mental faculties.

Sense of Humor: Dry, often misses or feigns missing jokes. Sarcastic.

Religion or Cults: Shalherana, Silas. (RIP.)

Alignment: Neutral

Short-Term/Immediate Goals:
[ ] Supplies for Clan Goraya
[ ] Provide for Tylla
[ ] Impress Galla

Long-Term/Life-Long Goals:
[-] Learn to Fight
[ ] Lost to Time
[-] Fill the Notebook
[-] Practice Medicine

| Ongoing/Progressing: - |
| Failed: x |
| Successful/Completed: V |
| Possibly Completed: ~ |

Hobbies: Writing, Eating, Foraging, People-watching
Spending Habits: Mostly on food.
Nervous Tics: Pulling out hair, tapping table
Posture: Often hunched over, attempting to appear small as not to be bothered.

Dead Things:

The Woods
Pastime: Writing
Food: Eggs
Drink: Tea
Colour: Forest Green
Animal: Birds

Least Favourite...
Pastime: Athletics
Food: Fiddlehead Ferns
Drink: Whiskey
Colour: Pink
Animal: --
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The Pacific Garbage Patch

+Bronze Dagger - From Tylla
+Steel Rapier - Smithed by Ventare
+Steel Cutlass - Smithed by Ventare

+ None

Items Carried:
+Old Notebook
+Various herbal medicines
+A ring with an Elven inscription, won in a gamble from Raigo
+A small stone of turqoise, won in a gamble from Cymic
+A gold chalice, encrusted with rubies. Why does she carry this...?

General Wealth: Seems to have money for what she needs.. but how?

Prized Possessions:
+Her Notebook
+Bronze Circlet, from Tylla


Chives is quick about two things only: eating, and writing. She is concise, at least somewhat legible, and sure to include the most important information.

A vagrant and something of a glutton, Chives is adept in picking out things that most likely won't incapacitate her in the wild, and eating them.


Hand-to-Hand Combat:
No Experience

Some Experience

No Experience

Chives' specialties lie in basic medicines made from things pulled out of the ground.

Arcane Knowledge:
- None

+Strings: Intermediate
+Flute: Beginner
+Singing: Intermediate
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The Pacific Garbage Patch
[Alphabetized within category.]

Romancey Type:
Galla Vita:
Second lover and tallest of the triad. She, just like Tylla, is strong and admirable. A harpy eagle of a human, as it were. Galaxy
Tylla Goraya: You make me want to be better. Your courage and power are admirable, and, from behind the spine of my book, I aspire to someday be the same way. Blorbis83

Branko Callas: Stoic, but possesses as capcity for kindness. Hard-headed both in the literal and figurative sense. Prone to antagonizing others. Kostadim
Jerr'co: An imposing form with a friendly soul. Tot
Kaarina: Well meant, similarly minded. Seems to see an ideal beauty in even the insignificant. Yuki_The_Witch.
Maximilian: Galla's very large bird friend. Quite friendly. Galaxy
Raigo Tideborne: A bit of a typical fighter, and yet, there's something to him. Seems to truly believe I could be anyone. GhostKairo123

Quite a fascinating woman, entertaining. Yuki_The_Witch.
Connor Hayden: An aspiring knight who appears to live in the shadow of a sibling. Mudpaw11
Cora: Almost too sly. Smurf
Cymic Seymour: Time has not changed you much and in some ways, that is respectable. Growth, yet, may benefit you. Cymic_
Daerion: Needs to wear clothes, but seems well-minded. CJ S.
Dove Hiraeth: A sultry practitioner of body art. She seems to lead a strange life, but a fascinating one. Bishop
Ezos: Timid. Looks good in a dress. lattiko
Fronslin: Friendly mage, would like to learn more. Fronslin
Garrett L. Herennius: An accident-prone boy. All the milk he drinks will be good for this brittle bones. Galaxy
Harwig var Horen: A grumpy sell sword who seemed too interesting not to speak with. Angathgul

Jocasta Vita: Sorta blurry but... no notes. We ate food. Blorbis83
Lilith: She's fun, and confident. Mysterious. Arcana
Remus: Reckless and scrappy, but somewhat witty, kind.
Southgate: A sketchy benefactor, but seemingly well meaning. Old-Seadog
Sunflower de Spring: Kind and pacifistic, but stupidly idealistic and clearly troubled. Yuki_The_Witch.
Uriel Valhart: A recurring background character of the highest intrigue. Would eventually like to know more. BoredBrit

Little to Say:
Jaden Seeker:
Alive and kicking. Appears to be a person of importance, both to Clan Goraya, and to the world. CloakedReaper
Ventare Seymour: A skilled blacksmith. Shao

Less than Liked:


Special Cases:



Her expedition with the Fortune Runners
"Aaaaaaaa." - 'Prayers' with Tylla
Dancing with Raigo at the Garden Party
"I know you read my name." - Branko Callas

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