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Chuiden's Whitelist App [Accepted - Jase]



{Introduction Section}

Minecraft Username: Chuiden

Age: 23

Country & Timezone: EST

Read the Kings Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides?: Yes

Define Metagaming & Powergaming?: Metagaming - using OOC knowledge for IC benefit. Powergaming - controling the actions of another player with emotes without their consent

Do we allow Xray mods or X-Ray texture packs?: No

Tell us about yourself!: Hello! Name's Chuiden, college student, chill guy. I like puzzles and exercising (mhm very unique). Best snack combo is lacroix + coffee and popcorn. I'm new to roleplay and havent played Minecraft in a while, but I'd like to give a shot and make some friends!


{Character Section}

Character Name: William

Age: 21

Race: Human

Appearance: A dull dotty eyed bruntee haired human, stuck in common artisan clothing. Can be seen with a leather belt thats often too big for them.

Written Test (Min: 400 words):

A dotty eyed boy held a basket of fish on hot summer days during the busy hours outside his fathers shop in Storms Landing.

It wasn't a very pleasant task. But he did it happily enough.

His father had him carry the basket, because “A friendly face behind every fish sweetens the deal!”, or so his father says. And as you know, fish are not sweet. So it's a rather important task, one might say.

So the boy held a smile. And each time a customer came by, he happily greeted them. “Hello!” he would say in a gregarious tone, and bashful smile.

“A fish for you sir?”, he would ask.

“All at half price!”, he exclaimed.

And through this routine, the boy made some money for his father.

One other abnormally hot day, the boy stood with his basket of fish. Yet another day of sizzling, old fish in the sunlight, in a half-baked-quality straw container. And all the while, salty sweat fizzed across the forehead of the young boy. An occasional sigh, as he looked down the road to his left.


And another look to his right.


“Today was not going to be a good day for fish”, the boy said in his plain, plain thoughts. So he took a moment to adjust his feet. And in a motion that came with a slight wince, he began to march in place. Why was he marching in place, you may ask? Well, his feet were hot, of course. Oh, and yes, he was barefoot. Mind you, he wasn't wearing all too much, besides a straw hat, a dainty fisherman's vest, and a passable pair of shorts.

So a dotty eyed boy held a basket of fish on hot summer days during the busy hours outside his fathers shop in Storms Landing -- while marching in place.

Eventually the march turned into a kind of teetering; his legs went stiff, bouncing back and forth between one foot palm to the next.

Soon enough, the boy started to get thirsty. Dehydration would soon set in.

To remedy this, the boy began to swallow his spit with some alacrity. So the boy was now making strange faces as he did so; his mouth would curl into itself as he tried to inhale the last remnants of his last refreshment, and his lips were dry, so he would lick those as well.

Now, a dotty eyed boy held a basket of fish on hot summer days during the busy hours outside his fathers shop in Storms Landing while marching in place -- making strange duck faces and licking his lips.

Through all this, the fish became hotter and hotter. Curious smells began to rise from the basket like Skraag’s undead armpits. And the boy could swear one of the fish began to move. But in fact, the fish had started to go bad.

So the boy, now both teetering like a see-saw and licking his dry lips, decided in a brilliant move to remedy all his ailments at once. He set the basket down, and squatted with it.

In his first action, the boy took out two fish from the basket, and set them on the floor behind him about one foot apart.

In his second action, the boy took a large bite out of the slimiest fish he could find and kept it resting in his mouth to make it wet.

Finally, the boy stood up. With two free hands, he stuck his fingers firmly into his nostrils. And with his two free feet, he planted them onto the fish he placed earlier.

And so, a dotty eyed boy had a basket of fish on hot summer days during the busy hours outside his fathers shop in Storms Landing -- he stood on top of two fish, held one in his mouth, and had both his fingers lodged up his nose.

It's no wonder the street remained empty that day.
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"Something need doing?"


I'm pleased to announce your application has been approved. I hope you enjoy your stay in Altera. Before logging on make sure you read the Survival Guide. It will help you on your way to get established in our World. If you need to know any additional information, everything can be found in our King's Law. Make sure you consult either of these two before asking a question in-game or on discord.

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