Finished Coronation Celebrations {17th September, 6PM EST} [Violent]


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In the wake of the abdication of Nwalme Fuvur, and the passing of the crown to his daughter, Aelyth Fuvur, a ball has been arranged
to celebrate the coronation of the new Empress of the Fuvurian Empire. All are welcome to celebrate this new era of rule, and enjoy
festivities and a feast organised by the right hand of the Empire, Nikolche Variclav. Formal clothing is required, though weaponry
is permitted providing it remains sheathed.


A set of personal invites are also sent out to noble families of Altera, though this is indeed open to all;

All of House Fuvur are sent an invite, as are any citizens of the Empire.

Prince Aeryn Josef Fuvur
Prince Rhys Basil Fuvur
Hand of the Fuvurian Empire, Duke of the Broken South, Josef Michelle Tiarch Tideborne Fuvur Mandovi
Duchess of the Broken South, Adiella Adamas Cor Mandovi
Lord Corbenic Caellum Mandovi
Lady Adama Michele Mandovi
Lord Atrus Castor Mandovi
Hand of the Fuvurian Empire, Moghul of the Choking Estuary, Nikolche Variclav
Baroness Ava Variclav
Lady Nylarii Lillium Variclav
Lord Samson Variclav
Lord Nikolche II Variclav
Champion Lothaire von Dugald
Champion Maxwell of the Bloody Hall
Lady Emily Veilduine
Duchess of Kalstaat, Countess of Eastwatch Elizabeth Kane
Sentinel of the Rangers, Axex, Jaden 'Trueshot' Seeker
Lady Julianne Vhalakis
Sir Joseph Seeker
Tol'fenke Ayda Tiaonia Ralotumal-Ulamyar
Bairn'ke Sydri Thalia Ulamyar
Konung Cymic 'Krakensbane' Seymour
Prinsinn Ventare Seymour
Queen Kam Hakiaz
Lord Asero Crow
Vescovo Re Rogerius Fitzolini Ricci
Count Leighton Altham
Duchess Kitrana Dawnriver
Sir Leofaren Venna
Lady Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek
Lord Grey Kov'Gra'Sek
Lady Olive Kov'Gra'Sek
Lord Daeron Hawklight
Kronprinz Sigmund von Hallon
Captain Softskull Uriel 'The Brave' Valheart
Lord Regent of Haven, Lord of Thorne, Podric Flanders
Moghul Andre Ursae
Lord Eimar II Taionia Ursae
Headmaster Kublai Kull
Queen Citrine Azerwind
Magus Kopii Grey


Aelyth got made Empress so she's considering that the actual coronation, but this is the celebration
that makes it more 'official'. I'm fine with whatever occurring we here to have fun. : )
Violent rating is just so we have no consent issues - I do not expect violence. Be nice to each other.

Time || Tentative 6PM EST.
Date || Tuesday 17th September.
Rating || Violent just so consent is simple.
Location || Sanardu Palace.

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Will have to miss this, but Dan can do stuff ahead of time if you ever need him


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This is in 2 days - Will get that invite list up when Niko isn't lazy but assume 'nobility is invited' and 'everyone's welcome anyway'


Secretly Niah
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Because RP. It'd be only proper to personally invite the nobility : )


Secretly Niah
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Sorry to those who can't make it - I'm slowly adding to the invitation list so poke me if you wanna be on there it's getting extensive on purpose.


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Will have to do one of three things:
*Sneak in
*Accompany Pod
*Accompany Uriel

Bonus round:


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This is today! Throw me a message if you're wanting to plan something here. Balls are often boring unless there's a bit of drama but I've not planned it since Aelyth hasn't.....