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<{ Court Positions and Representatives }>

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<{ Golden Court Positions }>

The Kingdom of Aor is a country home to many diverse individuals in regards to race, faith, and arcane. As to keep the peace among the expanding Monarchy, Aor is governed by the Golden Court with many positions to provide order and maintain peace among the land. Individuals of high regard are entrusted with court positions to help run separate sections of the Kingdom.

The Queen of Aor, Reina of the Aorian Kingdom
The position of Monarch is the sole highest seat within the Aorian Kingdom. They are the pinnacle of leadership and the image of independence. Above the tasks their court takes on, their main role is to maintain order and peace should any major conflicts or arrangements arise.
{ Sugar Silveira }

Below the Monarch is the two hands. They are the second-highest within the Golden Court that sees over larger aspects of the Kingdom in the Monarch’s stead. Should the Monarch or Heir be unable to rule, the two hands will govern over the Kingdom until another heir can take the seat of the Monarch.

Right Silver Hand
The position of the Right Hand governs over Diplomacy and acts as the Monarch’s Adjudicator of Law and Force. They may order the Military and appoint an extension of foreign recruits so long as they have the approval of the Monarch and Lord Protector. They may also appoint extensions of Diplomat help by approval of the Monarch.
{ Milah Sicarus-Freyr }

Left Silver Hand

The position of the Left hand governs over Management and holds the Legislative Administrator position. They are able to write new or adjust laws with the approval of the Monarch and see over all aspects of employment and financial affairs. They may appoint additional help so long as the Monarch acknowledges this.
{ Fronslin Menguar }

Lord Protector

Lord Protector is the position that is closely linked with the Right hand and has seen over the law for heads of state. The Lord Protector is in charge of the Aorian Armies and enforces the law and consults with the Right Hand in all matters of conflict.
{ Vacant }

Captain of the Royal Guard

The royal guard holds the duty and honor of keeping the royal family safe from mortal harm. The captain of them directs their efforts in this endeavor, while he himself acts as the Monarch's personal guard, serving as their blade and shield in whatever matters they themselves direct.
Vaeril Semori }

Royal Steward
The Royal Steward assists the Left hand in employing citizens, overseeing all shipments, and taxes. The Steward may also perform basic administrative tasks, such as taking on tasks on behalf of the Left hand if informed to and giving out basic information. This position is held with great trust as they work closely with the royal family.
{ Lana Wake - In Training }

Royal Trade Master

This position is the Head of all trade, reporting, and documenting the imports and exports. Foreign trade and trade proposals are directed to them and therefore handled on behalf of the Monarch. Documents are filed to the Left hand for safe storage.
{ Kyri Bluestone }

Admiral of the Aorian Navy

The Admiral is in charge of the Aorian Navy and sees over the routes of Western sea lines, merchant fleets, the making of new ships, and naval warfare.
{ Milah Sicarus-Freyr }

Foreign Diplomat of Peace

This position acts on behalf of the Monarch if a conflict were to arise between Silveira and a foreign kingdom. They maintain the networking of Silveira and ensure that the Monarch and Court are informed of the discussions through meeting foreign diplomats, dignitaries, and others. They are coordinated by the Right Hand, however, if a situation is large enough, they are then directed by the Monarch.
{ Reserved }

Foreign Enforcer of Justice

This position acts on behalf of the Monarch if a Foreigner has committed crimes within the Kingdom and has fled to foreign lands. They are typically sent out if the crime is capital or high treason. They are also the extended hand of the Monarch to aid foreign lands against conflicts should they call for help, allies or not. While they are coordinated by the Right Hand and the Lord Protector, and in some cases, the Monarch, they are linked with the Diplomat of Peace and work closely together.
{ Reserved }

Faiths and the Arcane are among the important aspects that unite the Kingdom. With many blessed and mages uniting under one banner, they are considered equal for neither is higher than the other. One individual is selected to represent a member of the Pantheon and is permitted to expand their worship within the Kingdom or act as a bridge. Anywho practice the arcane are welcome to expand their knowledge and higher experienced individuals will be placed as neutral teachers within their branch. Both Divine and Arcane are welcome to seek out students and expand their groups, so long as the student in question consents and makes the final decision.

It is worth to note that any and all worship of Jishrim and Skraag done within the lands of Aor is banned.


Representative of
Eren Abel

Representative of
Linden Silveira

Representative of The
Grey Lady
Illyrana Silveira

Representative of
Marceau Laflamme

Official Arcane Tutors
Tutors are kept anonymous for their peace of mind. However, there will be a hall dedicated for mages to go to for them to extend their knowledge with fellow mages.

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